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From David in Israel: Storing IV Fluids, and Desperation Alternatives

James: Regarding the article “Practical Skills for Surviving TEOTWAWKI, by Free Rifleman”: Intravenous (IV) fluid (normal saline) is inherently non-pyrogenic, pH stabilized, made of non-degrading substances, and packaged in a tough sterile wrapper. The biggest worry is that the packaging or drug ports may go bad from sunlight exposure. Check for sinkers or floaters discoloration or damage once you open the sealed outer bag. If you are really worried use a loop with a filter needle. Survival use of IV fluid usually implies a life is at serious risk so discretion would likely weigh toward use of a properly stored …

Letter From Michael Z. Williamson Re: Firearms and Survival

Dear Jim, The current thread on fighting in a post-disaster environment makes me recall just before Y2K, when set up at various gun shows. I told another dealer I had enough ammo, and he half-jokingly said, “You can’t have enough.” I believe my quote was, “After I shoot the first forty, the rest will move on or call for artillery, depending on who they are” An invading army won’t be scared of your rifle. And a roving gang will want easy pickings. Had things come to a disaster, my wife and I were resident managers of an industrial facility. I …

Letter Re: One Family’s Choice for Trauma Kits

Sir: We bought two of these trauma kits, one for each of our vehicle’s glove compartment and we each carry one of the mini kits in our bug out bags. They’re all nicely vacuum packed in rugged plastic film and would be handy in case of an accident or as a “blow out kit” if one was suddenly “ventilated” by a bad guy’s handgun! – K. in Hawaii

Odds ‘n Sods:

The U.S. is “Not Ready” for the Threatened Venezuelan Oil Embargo    o o o The NRA‘s Institute for Legislative Action reports that the ponderously-tiitled “U.N. Conference to Review Progress Made in the Implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects,” will begin Monday, June 26. See the Stop the UN Gun Ban web site for details. Call and e-mail your congresscritters and remind them that their oath to defend the Constitution includes the Second Amendment. The US needs to opt out of this hoplophobic …