From David in Israel: Storing IV Fluids, and Desperation Alternatives

Regarding the article “Practical Skills for Surviving TEOTWAWKI, by Free Rifleman”: Intravenous (IV) fluid (normal saline) is inherently non-pyrogenic, pH stabilized, made of non-degrading substances, and packaged in a tough sterile wrapper. The biggest worry is that the packaging or drug ports may go bad from sunlight exposure. Check for sinkers or floaters discoloration or damage once you open the sealed outer bag. If you are really worried use a loop with a filter needle. Survival use of IV fluid usually implies a life is at serious risk so discretion would likely weigh toward use of a properly stored and packaged expired bag. (One data point: The International Space Station (ISS) does not rotate IV fluid until years past expiration. The ISS only stocks six liters. ISS planners say that they would use sterile-filtered water from ISS plumbing and NaCl mix to refill IV bags. Note: The following reference data is for EMERGENCY/DESPERATION ONLY and HIGH SKILL WARNING!!! – PARAMEDIC AND UP WITH APPROPRIATE TRAINING ONLY!!! From a physician at the Mile High clinic in Colorado who consulted for NASA on ISS medical issues suggests even in a wilderness situation to micro-filter (particulates), boil (sterility), and salinate with (un-iodized much preferred) NaCl at 0.9% (same as human blood, tears, etc) infuse preferably through one or two filter needles in your loop.
The reason I even post this medically sound but legally dangerous information is for educational purposes. If there is a skilled practitioner who in the course of treatment runs out of current dated IV fluid, then alternatives are at hand. Thus, it is possible that a life which is in the balance might be saved. Above all, use discretion!