Note From JWR:

I heard from Jake Stafford of Arbogast Publishing that the first big batch of copies of the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course have now been printed and the accompanying audio CDs have be “burned.” The course binders will be assembled and mailed soon–starting later this week. All of the copies that are going to U.S. addresses are being mailed via Priority Mail, so you should have them within about a week. Thanks for your patience!

Letter Re: Another Recommendation for the Survival and Austere Medicine e-Text

Mr. Rawles, The subject of survival medicine is one which you touched upon in your novel “Patriots” (nicely done, I might add) as well as occasionally via letters to your blog. All well and good but far less than the subject merits insofar as it may weigh into our collective futures. If I may be so bold I’d like to suggest that it be given at least as much attention as the nifty gadgets readers are often eager to promote. You may or not be aware of a relatively new book on the subject, perhaps the first if not the …

Two Letters Re: Push or Pull Carts For All-Terrain Hauling

Hi James, Thanks for the very useful letter about the All Terrain Carts. There are lots of things to think about after reading your article; I had some thoughts to add. I like the input you had about storing liquids, etc… In the tubing of your frames for these carts. A very likely necessity IMHO. I would hate to cart 20 gallons of water 90% of the way home, and spill 1?2 of it before you get there! In the article, the web links to the different types of carts all have inferior wheels as a week link unless you …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Israeli Defense Force Issues an “Order 8” Call-Up of Citizen Soldiers.    o o o A new electric car is hitting the U.S. market with a splash.”[W]ith the backing of PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and ex-eBay chief Jeff Skoll, [Martin Eberhard] has created Silicon Valley’s first real auto company.”    o o o The naive residents of Memphis, Tennessee prove themselves to be sheeple.    o o o Jay in Florida mentioned this article: Feral dog packs attack Australian farmers.  

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“Freedom is not empowerment. Empowerment is what the Serbs have in Bosnia. Anybody can grab a gun and be empowered. It’s not entitlement. An entitlement is what people on welfare get, and how free are they? It’s not an endlessly expanding list of rights — the ‘right’ to education, the ‘right’ to health care, the ‘right’ to food and housing. That’s not freedom, that’s dependency. Those aren’t rights, those are the rations of slavery — hay and a barn for human cattle. There’s only one basic human right, the right to do as you da*n well please. And with it …