Letter Re: The Importance of Storing Salt for Preparedness

I asked about this a long time ago and no one knew what I was talking about they thought I was talking about those salt blocks you buy for cattle and stuff: so I tried to find myself where the old “salt licks” were in those old westerns we always read. Here was what I found after three hours of research. There is an Internet resource that says there are over 1,400 [“Lick” or “Saline” locales] all over the USA. But they don’t list individual ones just how many per state. For those places I can’t find [listed licks], I guess you’ll have to trek to the ocean or the Great Salt Lake area…get some good shoes!

Austell (formerly called Salt Springs)

Osawatomie Salt Works, Miami County (five shallow wells produce salt water,.then processed.)
Tuthill Marsh, Republic County
Hutchinson, Lyons, Kingman, Kanoplois
Salt mines (underground)

Blue Licks Battlefield State Park, Nicholas County
Big Bone Lick (used by Daniel Boone), Boone County
Big Sandy River

St. Genevieve and Jefferson Counties (Namely the Saline and Little Saline creeks)
Montesano Springs (Kimmswick)
Arrow Rock
Boonslick and Saline counties also have salt.

New Mexico:
Guadalupe Peak

Little Salt Creek or the Scioto Salt Licks in Jackson County.

Gardeau in the southeastern corner of McKean County

Great Salt Lake


West Virginia
Big Sandy River

West Virginia:
Kanawha Valley area (buffalo licks) near Malden

Cheshire area

The Dead Sea

Gunung Tahan Park – 14 different salt licks


POSSIBLE SITES: (unproven or unsure)
Beersheba, Tennessee
Bledsoes Lick, Tennessee
Eureka and Hot Springs, Arkansas
French Lick, Tennessee (Nashville?)
Bullit Licks, Kentucky
French Lick, Indiana
Teltin Park, Togiak Park, Alaska
Bradford, Tioga, Potter, and Cameron Counties, Pennsylvania
Salt Creek Falls ,Oregon
Salmon River, Idaho
Colgate Licks Hot Springs, Idaho [JWR Adds: Been there, seen that. It is an amazing place for wildlife viewing. BTW, the nearby Jerry Johnson Hot Springs are worth the hike for a dip.]
Death Valley, California
Searles Lake, California
Kaibab, Arizona
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

JWR Adds: It recommend that all SurvivalBlog readers who live in inland regions do some research on natural salt deposits near your intended retreats. That could be quite valuable knowledge in the event of TEOTWAWKI,