Note From JWR:

We just received two cases of the book The Encyclopedia of Country Living, by Carla Emery. This is the Memsahib’s #1 recommended book! This book is our best selling non-fiction title. It is a “must” for every well-prepared family! (I recommend that you buy at least two copies, because odds are that you will lend yours out, never to return!) We have sold so many of these that we now buy them by the case, directly from the publisher. Brand new condition. Latest (9th) edition, from 2003–still current.) Soft cover. 881 pages. We currently have 18 copies available. $26 each, or $24 each for two or more, or $22 each for three or more. (Full retail in stores is $29.95!) As usual, I pay the Book Rate postage on any order over $50, if mailed to U.S. addresses. See my mail order catalog for ordering and payment details.