David in Israel Re: Recommendations on Hardening a Garage Door?

While I worked in the fire service we had entry techniques which make even cinder block easy to penetrate using just hardware store tools. I suggest that the gentleman with a remote shop not even try to secure the front door but rather build within he garage a poured cement or at least cement filled and re-bar reinforced closet/room with a steel or barred door with a high security store lock for all of his tools. A garage door is so easily defeated that only a roll-up security steel door presents any challenge at all. Reinforcing and armoring the paneling does not do anything to reinforce the tracks. BTW, beware an overly secured door which becomes a tomb for your tools if the lock is jammed by vandals and you don’t have power tools/torch to defeat the security.

JWR Adds: Thwarted burglars have been known to vindictively squirt lock cylinders with cyanoacrylate glue (a.k.a. “Krazy Glue.”) Once this has been done, the only way for the owner to get past the jammed lock is to use bolt cutters or a cutting torch.