The New Dawn Approaches, by W.G

We have all seen the shows and read the countless articles on survival, prepping, et cetera. They all offer very valuable information one should retain. This day and age, we can turn on the news and view ethnic cleansing and genocide happening as we watch. Towns, families, cultures are under attack and being annihilated. It is safe to say we not only need to prepare for natural disasters but government-funded ones as well. We can stockpile weapons, ammo, food, water, et cetera, but all that is pointless unless you have the proper mindset.

What is the proper mindset? Total contempt for death. We must embrace the fact that we all die. No amount of ammo, water, or meds will change that. By having contempt for death, you are one step closer to absolute freedom. Face the enemy head on. Let them know you don’t fear death; you only fear not being able to take all of them with you.

One must also have a high regard for life, and realize what they offer us is not life. They offer us their version of life, and we have been playing by their rules for far too long. We have been enslaved under a system that only benefits a few. We no longer have the iron shackles; they have been replaced with an illusion that has enslaved us all. One must regard life and not be afraid to detach from the system of illusion and materialism worship the deceivers have indoctrinated us with. We are simple beings and actually require very little to survive and flourish. Would you not rather take your chances in the open sea, or go down with the burning ship?

Generation after generation we propagate and feed our new blood to the Chaos Serpent. We follow the same path down the same worn trail to the same destination, and then we wonder why, why is the outcome the same? Money is not freedom, materialism is not freedom, and killing and dying for your master is not freedom. The powers that be need you attached to their system in order for them to reign supreme. We must identify their control mechanisms and annihilate these things. For ages the earth has been scattered with the blood and bone of civilizations who have died for the profit of a select few. Over the ages all that has changed is the weapons and the ways in which we destroy each other. Why haven’t things changed? It’s because the most important weapon of man has not changed, the mind. Imagine if they could no longer control us with our fears. Imagine if they no longer could entice us into butchering each other. Imagine total rejection of their system. If you can imagine this, then it can become reality. The war of all wars is of the mind, who will control yours? You or them? Guns and ammo are useless if we are just fighting to prolong the ways of the deceivers. This is what TPTB want– total chaos that they can control and use for their macabre benefit.

The gun (weapon) is an extension of the human will. It can be used for slaughter or for resistance, attack, or defense. When you embrace the concept of the gun being an extension of the human will, you will understand its importance to the human race. It does not matter if you believe in guns or not. The bad guys do, and they understand its importance. They will use it to further their advancement over the corpses of you and yours. It is a cold reality that must be faced; force dictates whose genes carry on and whose turn to ash.

As a whole, humanity needs to want more for their future generations. We are growing stagnant as a species. We have been turned into consumers who live and work to consume the latest junk they have to offer us. Get the new smart phone, get the new watch, get the new car, get the new trendy clothes, but what is the actual cost? We wake up, clock in, and spend our day making others rich. We farm our children out to be indoctrinated because we can’t watch them since we have to make money. Thus, we are creating the next generation of mindless consumers who bow and worship materialism. Is this system really worth fighting/dying/killing for? As of now the world is ablaze with deceit, corruption, and tyranny. Much like a raging fire, it is better to let it consume itself then try and fight it. Sit back, let the flames die down, and wait for the new seedlings to sprout a new beginning.

As a child I would look at the wild animals. They where free and seemed content. They followed a system ingrained in their being. I often wondered, why have humans drifted so far from this simplicity? What has caused us to enslave ourselves to the conquest of materialism and illusions? We need to return back to simplicity, back to family, back to a life of meaning over a life of materialism. The war mongers only care for materialism conquest and the illusion of “power”. To this day i cannot understand how these vermin come into power and control the masses to inflict their psychotic will unto humanity. How do they control the sheep who pile innocents into mass graves? How is it countries who years ago where sworn enemies are now allies? If only all those who died would only realize they were all used. They died for the amusement of their masters– the war makers who create policies, laws, and cease fires at will. How do they control people into butchering each other, as they sit back safe in their suits not missing a meal or feeling the realities of the wars they create? Look at the pictures of the war torn soldiers/civilians/children vs. the “leaders” during/after battles. They send us common folk into the butchery, then contemplate and negotiate with the “leaders” of our “enemies” over a warm meal and some drinks.

Growing up watching the “Outlaw Josey Wales“, one scene– when Josey rode up to speak with Chief Ten Bears– had a very strong impact on me. It went something along the lines of this: Josey Wales said: “I ain’t promising you nothing extra. I’m just giving you life and you’re giving me life. And I’m saying that men can live together without butchering one another.” Ten Bears said: “It’s sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues. There is iron in your words of death for all Comanche to see, and so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life… or death. It shall be life.” There was no weakness there. Both sides prepared and were willing to fight and die but chose life, which was a direct middle finger to TPTB! Now i understand this was just a movie, but this could actually play out in real life, if we let it. I truly feel humanity is almost there. We are very close to the next step of evolution. Much like a snake sheds its skin, society will have to shed our dead skin, of the takers/deceivers/scum. They have a strangle hold on humanity, and it’s time to fight back. The parasites need to be removed in order for humanity to survive.

Our greatest weapon is our mind. We must load our mind with ammo. We must research past wars, past genocides, past false flags, et cetera. Understand the tactics used and in which they are carried out. We must never let these atrocities happen again. We must understand words mean very little when they come from the mouth of suits, and most important of all we must understand no matter our color or creed, we all share the same enemy. Actions are pure reality. Never again should we stand in line as cannon fodder for our master’s entertainment. One should only die for their family, for protection, preservation, and safety of the one’s whom you love. Let the warmongers fight and die within their own creations. Let the chaos they create consume and destroy them.

We must prep, we must learn survival, and we must master our weaponry, and we will do this with meaning and purpose. We will do this for our blood and for the generations hundreds of years from now. We must be both creator/destroyer. The day may come for all of us good people to have to do horrible things, if we wish to survive. I pray these days never come, that we can avoid conflict. But if/when they do come, we must meet them head on with devouring might. Do not stop until all evil/scum/ deceivers are smashed to ash. Make them pay dearly for their treachery. Until then, feed the mind/body with knowledge and strength. Slowly detach from the system that enslaves us.

I leave you with a writing:

Whirlwinds of Chaos

Embrace the whirlwinds of chaos
Winds of undying destruction
The will to crush and conquer
Far greater than the fear of death/failure
Harness the fire of hatred (controlled burn)
To forge paths unknown
From your path of defiance
The ultimate fruits of labor are born….
The new dawn approaches