Springfield Armory Saint, by Pat Cascio

It happens! Sometimes, it just happens! I don’t know how or why and neither does my contact at Springfield Armory, but I was somehow left out of the loop on their new Saint AR-style rifle. Grrr! I didn’t get a sample on the day they were released; it took more than a month before I got a gun in my hand. Many “gun writers” that I’ve never ever heard of were invited to shoot the new Saint a month earlier at a top secret event. Again, I don’t know how I wasn’t invited, but it happened. Honestly, I don’t know of any writer who has written more articles about Springfield Armory products than I have, but I was somehow left out in the cold. However, it’s okay. It gave me more trigger time when my Saint finally did arrive.Continue reading

Recipe of the Week: Dutch Oven Pork Hock Stew, by R.T.

This is a good meal to prepare on a camping trip in a 3-legged Dutch oven, or at home in a stovetop model, as it can be left to cook all day while needing only occasional attention. The pork hock, or leg, is inexpensive and is enveloped in a thick skin (not fat) that is rich in collagen.


  • a fresh pork hock,
  • carrots,
  • onions,
  • red potatoes
  • Seasoning blend of salt, cayenne, black pepper, coriander, garlic, and Spanish smoked paprika, adjusted to taste


  • Heat up a lidded 4-quart Dutch oven swabbed with a coating of oil, slowly to a moderate heat.
  • Add the pork hock, water to cover, and seasoning blend; cover pot with the lid and bring to a simmer for several hours and then turning the hock over and continuing to cook for another several hours. (Don’t let it sit in warm water and … Continue reading

  • Letter Re: Misguided Youth


    Periodically, I check on on a few different blogs, and one recent post has cemented my belief that this country is going to have a difficult future with or without a serious economic downturn.

    This particular blog advocates living on about 25% of one’s income, which I find admirable; however, I have two concerns that I find troubling:

  • The authors have themselves in the past and do advocate that their readers get all the free goodies from the government and other social organizations that they can obtain, regardless of need. If one qualifies, grab it. Hmmm. I do find it difficult to want to extend Christian charity and tax dollars to those who are not in need but are merely grabbing freebies so they may pocket more money. However, I am an older, conservative, Christian farm gal. I do not find it a far jump to assume that, … Continue reading

  • Economics and Investing:

    Why The Next Large Market Correction Will Cause Record Gold Demand

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    Blinded by Hate: EU Will Soon Be Free to Mismanage Crisis on Its Own

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    The Unintended & Deadly Societal Consequences Of Quantitative Easing

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    Le Pen May Get a Shock If She Tries to Pay French Debt in Francs

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    Odds ‘n Sods:

    100,000 People Are Evacuating Over “Imminent Failure” Of California’s Oroville Dam – Live Feeds – P.S.

    HJL’s Comment: I would note that one of my friends who lives in Orville was notified that looters are having a heyday. In addition, I listened to a 9:40pm (PT) update from the sheriff’s department who admitted that the “might fail within an hour” language was not true and was designed to get people to move from their homes immediately. It’s sad and harmful that you can’t get truthful information from your own government when it counts.

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    Congressional Report Warns of Grim Terrorism Outlook for 2017 – D.B.

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    President Donald Trump is enforcing the law of the land. But check out how this country treats Muslim illegals entering through their boarders. It makes Trumps plan look tame. – … Continue reading