Notes for Friday – February 10, 2017

February 10th is the birthday of Zvi Zvika Greengold(born 1952), a Centurion tank commander who was one of Israel’s most notable heroes of the Yom Kippur War. He was awarded the Medal of Valor.

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A reminder: Gun owners should visit the petitions page and sign this petition: Petition Title: Repeal the NFA ”We the People wish to see the National Firearms Act of 1934 repealed in order to remove regulations on our 2nd amendment rights, increase national economic strength, and provide protection against threats to our national security.” More than 68,000 people have already signed the petition. Please help get it past the 100,000 mark so that it gets the attention it deserves! – JWR

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Bugging Out West of the Mississippi- Part 1, by C.L.

Upon relocation to Texas by truck from the East through the Midwest I realized there will be numerous logistics and potential threats that may come into play during TEOTWAWKI that few might consider beforehand and won’t be able to check on-the-fly without cell service and WiFi. I hope my Midwest and East coast friends can use this information as a tool if they want to make a move West of the Mississippi and appreciate why. As I will show you, there is a huge night and day difference between each side of the Mississippi River. My range of concerns and personal solutions begin with operations security (OPSEC) and traveling risks to end with specific, affordable home defense measures no matter where your eventual destination may be.

Comparing a U.S. population density map of the 2010 census as one dot per person with a NASA night image … Continue reading

Letter Re: Baking Soda


I too am laying by a lot of baking soda. I too have spent enormous amounts of time pondering the absence of it. I found the answer in Carla Emory’s Encyclopedia of Country Living. It’s on page 220 in my book, under Acid-Base Leavenings. “In the real old days, they used to leaven with wood ash. Ashes are alkaline. If you add a teaspoon of ash to a mixture that contains an acid, such as real sour cream, buttermilk from slightly soured milk, or yogurt, then the two make bubbles. You have to work fast because the bubbles don’t last very long.”

My mother-in-law also confirmed this as the method used many years ago. – A.L.

Economics and Investing:

State, county, and city governments cannot print money, and the current elected officials cannot kick the can down the road on this one: ‘Politics of intimidation,’ or family feud? Anger grows as Dallas Police and Fire Pension System looks for fix – P.S

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World’s largest hedge fund manager predicts bleak future for markets

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Healthcare Is Not Immune to the Laws of Economics

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Bank of America Tests Peopleless Banks

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Odds ‘n Sods:

The recent publication of the much-discussed BATFE White Paper on possible loosening of firearms restrictions is an oddity. It strikes me as some sort of frantic backpedalling. It is as if a thirteen-year-old was left at home in charge of his younger siblings, and they’ve spent an entire day acting like cruel, slovenly, brats. Then comes the sudden realization that their parents will soon return. “Quick, clean the house and get the cat out of the clothes dryer, or Dad is gonna spank us, for sure!” Well, in this case it wasn’t just one day. It has been more like 50 years of bad behavior. (For example, do some reading about Ken Ballew.) The White Paper’s list of changes won’t even begin to be proper recompense. Daddy is coming, and there will be lots of real change around the house. Among other things, the … Continue reading