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This property in Panama’s prepper expat country deserves special mention: Turn Key Prepper Paradise Ranch. (It is one of more than 250 listings over at SurvivalRealty.com.)

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Keep Shooting has just received a shipment of authentic USGI TCOP Tents for $229.95. These tents are what replaced the old two-man shelter half and are really fantastic tents.

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Concealed gun permits surge over 15 million, fight on for more – B.B.

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Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Home Record What You Say.What Happens to Your Data? I pray we, as a humanity, will use these new technologies wisely. – D.B.

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BMW traps alleged thief by remotely locking him in car. Sounds great, but if they can do this they can do it to anyone. Of course, the only thing keeping you in the vehicle is your reluctance to break a window. – DSV.

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