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“That’s pretty rare”: Helena gets two record-breaking days of snowfall this week

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The liberal Cascadia Movement’s planned secession territory map flies in the face of logic. The territorial divide seems to have been selected based on watersheds rather than social and political demographics. The ground truth is that the folks in northwestern Montana, north Idaho, and virtually all of Oregon and Washington states east of the Cascades are conservative stalwarts. So including any part of the American Redoubt region into the Cascadia plan is laughable. I, for one, want no part in it. Even if they were to secede (which is doubtful), they would have an electorate that is deeply divided. In contracts to “Cascadia”, the American Redoubt movement’s geographic goal is NOT secession. Rather, it is for simple partitioning into new state boundaries. This is what happened when Virginia and West Virginia split. They remained in the Union but became separate sovereign states, each with its own capitol and legislature. Something like that is my goal for eastern Oregon and eastern Washington. – JWR

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2 found dead after mobile home fire in Mountain Home

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Wyoming: Bill would prevent public from viewing police dash, body cams without a judge’s order

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More than 20 school buses get stuck on snowy streets Monday

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