Letter Re: Misguided Youth


Periodically, I check on on a few different blogs, and one recent post has cemented my belief that this country is going to have a difficult future with or without a serious economic downturn.

This particular blog advocates living on about 25% of one’s income, which I find admirable; however, I have two concerns that I find troubling:

  1. The authors have themselves in the past and do advocate that their readers get all the free goodies from the government and other social organizations that they can obtain, regardless of need. If one qualifies, grab it. Hmmm. I do find it difficult to want to extend Christian charity and tax dollars to those who are not in need but are merely grabbing freebies so they may pocket more money. However, I am an older, conservative, Christian farm gal. I do not find it a far jump to assume that, in a dire situation, what is mine should be theirs if they were to actually need it. It’s a very good reason for stealth.
  2. Even with enough saved to buy their 66-acre New England house in the country, the authors and commenters (except myself in an attempt to inject some level headed sensibility to the discussion) advocate putting the money in the bank and getting a mortgage on their primary home for their family with a young child.

I continue to state that the vast chasm in this country is more about knowledge than money. Money is a tool and needs to be treated as one, but knowledge can keep a family fed and housed when the world is in turmoil.

Just wanted to share. – PGT