Letter Re: Airport BOB


What a great list. I happily read this, as I travel frequently. I appreciated the list and agree with the items and responses already listed. I would just like to add a couple comments. LED lights are great, but living in Alaska, where at times we have 20 hours of darkness, I would add buying a head lamp. This is a basic $20 head lamp that slips in a pocket and is great for hands-free light. I also would add that I carry a packet of silver coins along with the cash. I have a length of paracord and duct tape, basic supplies that live in my bag, and a couple of heavy duty contractor garbage bags. These have a number of uses, including shelter.

I would like to emphasis the importance of practical clothing. I may be traveling for work and need to be wearing dress clothes, but I am not going to travel in clothing that restricts my movements or puts me at an increased danger in an emergency. I’m going to wear durable, practical clothing, including hiking boots or running shoes, a belt, natural fibers that are more fire retardant, et cetera.

If you are frequently traveling through the same airports, do you know where you could quickly pick up a couple more bottles or water and snacks in an emergency? Do you know the quickest way to exit the building, et cetera? Think of possible emergencies and what your response would be. Doing this ahead of time will give your mind a frame of reference in a future emergency. – L.R.