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Gold Forecast: What Now For Future Gold Price?

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National Debt is growing Faster Than You Think

Yellen Says Interest Rate Hike Could Come ‘Relatively Soon’ – Let’s get real, the Fed said it would raise rates 4 times this year, so far it has yet to do so. They have no choice but to raise rates given the super high expectation to do so.. Do we have the same effect as last year or does the current “Trump Effect” stem that movement. I don’t yet see any fundamentals that change that but this market has almost nothing to do with fundaments.

Trump Allies Urge Fed to Cut Balance Sheet and Revive Credit – We were multiple messages or perhaps just a pie in the sky dream… Cut tax’s, massive infrastructure build out, and have the Fed cut it’s balance sheet?? These ideas don’t coexist on our planet. If we cut revenue to the gov’t, spend like crazy, someone has to finance the debt, and China is no longer a buyer of US debt. Enter the lender of last resort, the Fed.

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