Letter Re: What are Your Thoughts on Required AR Registration in California?


I live in California. After 12/31/2016, no California resident may purchase an “Assault Weapon” (AR-15, AK, et cetera). Those who own them on that date may keep them, but we must register them on the California Department of Justice website by 12/31/2017.

I am trying to decide whether to register or dispose of such weapons and buy something like a Mini-14, which is not considered to be an “Assault Weapon’ by the state. If I own such weapons, I will register them. Others may choose a different course, but I would not. I am planning to become a resident of one of the states in the American Redoubt, but that will not happen by 12/31/2016, and it is uncertain that it will by 12/31/2017. What are your thoughts on the wisest course of action? – RM Grey

HJL’s Comment: Given the current trend, ALL firearms will eventually hit the list in Kalifornia and registration will eventually lead to confiscation. Vote with your feet and get out of there. Failing that, your options are limited. Barring any form of civil disobedience, you might consider getting the firearms out of the state, at least. Perhaps you could leave them with a trusted person in your targeted relocation state in the American Redoubt who would hold them for you? It might be a good time to plan a trip to the area to scout for a location.