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Yuan Devaluation Triggers Exodus of Wealthy Chinese, US West Coast Primary Target “60% of high net-worth individuals (HNWI) in China are planning to buy real estate in other countries over the next three years, with the target of moving one-third of their wealth overseas, according to an annual survey” – T.P.

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Gold & Silver Bullion Jewelry Closer To Spot Price: Mike Maloney – T.P.

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Cash-strapped Zimbabwe to print $75m in ‘bond notes’JWR’s Comment: They sound so compassionate when they say “The Bank “hopes that the cash injection will boost exports, benefit local businesses and ease the suffering” [of Zimbabwe’s poor population]. Don’t believe that. The real beneficiaries will undoubtedly be the ZANU-PF cronies who are handed this fiat currency to put it into circulation.

UPDATE: Zimbabwe finally launches Bond Notes ‘token money’

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Banks Are Hoarding $2.4 Trillion of Bonds

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