Letter Re: Five Things Women Need, by J.W.


Another great article, thank you. One of the things I would like to comment on, that unfortunately must be strongly considered when working with our youth, is “prohibited places”. Volunteering and picking up the kids at my children’s school, I am constantly un-holstering and securing my weapon (at home or work, never in the car) BEFORE I make the trip. I carry wherever and whenever I am legally allowed. However, there have been times I was late because I realized I was armed and had to turn around to secure my firearm. Could you imagine the joy of the liberals in NYC with the headlines “Store owner brings gun to school for show and tell”. I do not need a perp walk. So, deep concealment is not an option for me, and I will do all I can to remain law abiding and not lose such a precious right, especially here in NYC, where it is so difficult to obtain a carry permit. The Donald said he will fix that! I hope and pray. So ladies and gentlemen, be ever vigilant and look at the various methods of protection, legal weapons and self defense in “prohibited places”. JWR, perhaps you could in a future article expand upon that. Thank you again for a great article and of course a great blog. – R in NYC

HJL Comments: One more reason to get out of the public indoctrination education system and participate in homeschool or private school.