Letter: Stocking Up on Toiletries


Just an FYI for those who like to stockpile toiletries: My husband is a big fan of the Old Spice Swagger products, and this time of year I go buy the “gift packs” for 50% off. That is a large body wash, body spray (that hubby uses for deo), and a deo stick. I drop about $50 and get enough body wash, shampoo, and spray for a year for him. Then this is the kicker, he doesn’t like the deo sticks, so come garage sale season, I sell those off at $2 a pop to thrilled folks. That makes my investment $3 per box, or $3 for a body spray and body wash. Those retail everyday for about $3-4 each. – K.A.


  1. Great to stock up on the Old Spice for the before. For now you can smell like lime and cedarwood. But after TEOTWAWKI you may want to switch to a scent free hygiene product line like Scent-Lok or other brands. When you’re hunting deer you don’t want to give away your presence with a scent. In the after you may want to keep a low scent profile in case you’re the one being hunted.

  2. I confess to know nothing about body sprays and body washes. What they are, how they are used or why? I’m truly stumped. I am kinda aware that women use something like this, perhaps perfume or something. But I know noone who uses body sprays and I guess after saying that I don’t know that I would know if they did. I have never used an after shave product although I have gotten a few as gifts but I assume I just tossed them. I’m 74 and have never used anything but a bar of soap to wash with. Do men really use anything else or douse themselves with perfumes???

    1. Haha, well, I’m unequally yoked with a non-prepper, so I walk two roads. One is stocking up for small SHTF situation, so I guess you could say these are comfort items for hard times? In a real TEOTWAWKI scenario, I have stocked up on simple toiletry/cleaner items, like family cloth, simple soap, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, vodka, etc. – KA

  3. I totally agree with Marco. You don’t want to be detectable at 50 feet (or more) by anybody with a working nose.

    OldGuy, yep, go to a public library, college campus or mall and you will get the answer to your last question… On a positive note, it does let you know who to avoid.

  4. The only thing I use is a bar of bath soap for all my washing needs and that’s including hair.
    ok dumb joke . Every time I go to the store to buy Rightguard deodorant I can never find the left guard. HAHAHA

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