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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Tensions ratchet up a notch this week between North Korea and the U.S.

Reason #5045 to Leave Public School

Florida teacher accused of giving 17-year-old student STD – Are these incidents becoming more common place or are people just more willing to report them? I think it’s probably a bit of both.

Millennials are Ditching Religion

I always thought that in a time of emotional upheaval people would return to their roots. It’s easy to be a Christian when things are going well, but we tend to get lazy and just give it lip service. You might say that we talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk when life is easy. When things begin to get tough, we remember who we should be and get ourselves right with God. This generation coming on line seems to break with that though. Millennials are turning from faith to things of the occult like witchcraft and astrology. Perhaps we have failed this generation by not teaching them the things of God like we should have? Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Attack of the Bedbugs

We’ve known for a number of years that bedbugs are making a comeback. Every since we’ve outlawed the most effective deterrents and poisons (because they were used indiscriminately and inappropriately) we’ve had trouble control pests like these. It’s common to hear of hotels fighting these infestations as well. However, an airplane is a new one for me. Apparently, a British Airways flight from London to Vancouver had seats infected with the bugs which began attacking some of the passengers. What’s bad is that the flight was full so the affected passengers could not be relocated and the plane did not divert and land. Thanks to G.L. for the link.

North Korea

As the next step in the escalation of tensions with North Korea, the U.S. Air Force has been notified to begin preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert. This level of status has not been used since the ending of the cold war in 1991. This step is one step below having the bombers actually in the air on alert. Bases would have some bombers parked at the end of a runway, armed and ready to be manned and flown within a few minutes of notification of launch. This is obviously a warning to Pyongyang, but one that is likely to be seen as a fulfillment of Pyongyang’s claim of U.S. aggression. Somebody better start blinking here. Thanks to P.S. for the link.

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Reader G.P. sent in this link warning that North Korea is mass producing biological weapons. This is Pyongyang’s counter to the threat of a U.S. ground invasion of North Korea. There is not 100% certainty though as the same facilities could be used to manufacture agriculture oriented chemicals. Often the facilities are used for both making external monitoring and verification virtually impossible.

The Value of a Single Rifle? – Priceless.

Around 20 polar bears have invaded a Russian village, forcing locals to shelter indoors. The bears were drawn to a walrus rookery causing many of the walrus to jump from a nearby 125ft cliff to escape the bears. The bears are acting aggressive and basically holding the town hostage. Reader T.P. asks the question: “I wonder what a .45/70 hunting rifle would be worth there right now?” There are some pretty amazing pictures.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity

The Democratic Attorney Generals from states like New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and California, have mustered some impressive hyperbole and formulated a letter sent to congressional leaders. In it, they claim that national reciprocity will “lead to the death of police officers and civilians, the proliferation of gun traffickers, and acts of terrorism and other mass violence.” This is, of course, completely contrary to any actual collected data on concealed carry. Reader T.Z thinks that this stupid statement will make people go gung-ho for the legislation. As SurvivalBlog has previously stated, this legislation is a bad idea. Not because national reciprocity is bad, but because any “right” granted by legislation can just as easily be taken away. If you doubt this, read up on DOMA. This legislation clearly belongs at the state level.

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  1. Re: bedbug infestation
    I have a good friend who was a missionary in India. As she lived and worked among the people, she was infested with body lice. She flew back to the states via a British airline. Informing the crew that she was infected and needed isolation or plastic bags or something, she said the crew simply shrugged. She infected everyone around her and the cloth seats.
    I doubt if I will fly in the near future.

  2. Regarding the comment about abandoning Christianity, mainstream religion of all forms, including Christianity, is for the most part, so far diluted from the original teachings of the source that they are almost useless.

    The younger folk can see the emperors have no clothes and are seeking alternatives.

    Now if only they’d see through the lie of socialism and the state that has made itself out to replace God, and we might actually start making progress.

  3. Concealed Carry Reciprocity
    Reminds me of the screams when our state went to open carry!
    “The streets will run with blood the day after this goes into effect!”
    Been years and still haven’t seen it happen.
    And they accuse us of “fear porn”?

  4. Re: CCW
    Any gun law is not valid and lacks any Constitutional standing.
    The GCA of ’68 is a travesty, as is the ’34 act.
    They both need to be repealed.
    There is no valid law/argument against any citizen carrying concealed anywhere without a permit.

    Reciprocity is a scam. It’s another regulatory money maker for bureaucrats.

  5. CC reciprocity from legislation may be a bad idea, but for now it is the only way to get it in any near timeframe. Moan all you want about “principles”, but the 1968 gun control act is already a clear violation as are laws in almost all states. Unless you are suggesting insurrection, I don’t see your alternative.

    This is a constant problem of the libertarians and the cuckservatives who watch as the left trashes every Constitutional right by cheating but because of “principle” we can’t oppose them on the current playing field.

    If a burglar breaks into your house are you going to give him principled “due process” or just shoot him?

    DOMA? Obergefell was another instance of where we weren’t vigilant or forceful enough and we still pretend we have principles so have to do whatever the Supreme Court says no matter how evil and absurd. I don’t know how to express the correct attitude today without swearing but it should be F*** the court! And the constitution says the three branches are co-equal. There are few that would say that, much less act on it. Until the Constitution is returned to the States and People we will be stuck fighting for small things.

    But if we don’t fight for and accept the small things we won’t have even them. I’d rather have reciprocal carry next year than to wait until after a bloody civil war so as to have it a decade from now at a much higher price.

  6. Do not under estimate the probability of a war with NK. Our politicians have in the past accepted a path that would lead to NK one day having nukes and the ability to deliver them on our mainland cities. That day is just around the corner if not here already. Does anyone have confidence that NK will not do this once they have the ability? Is that a risk we can accept? The alternative is to stop them either by diplomacy or military action. But again does anyone think diplomacy is going to work to get them to abandon their nuke dreams and turn over their existing stockpiles?

    Many have said that there are no good scenarios in a war with NK. This is true, especially for SK and Japan and a few other nations in the immediate area. But as unthinkable as a attack on Seoul or Japan might be imagine a nuke hitting LA or Seattle. Within months this scary scenario will be possible. So an all out attack on NK even with the likely destruction of Seoul and other nearby targets may be in the cards. Make no mistake this is not because of Trump, somehow, but rather the result of three decades or more of appeasing NK and ignoring the problem. Now it is here and our options really suck but we have run out of time to kick the can down the road.

  7. HJL and Jim:
    Please do not OVER estimate the abilities of North Korea and their nukes. It is one thing to build a nuclear warhead or device, which they clearly have. It is another thing to build a deliverable device that will withstand launch, near-space, and reentry. NorKo does not have that capability and is likely decades from such a device.
    That said, there is strong evidence that NorKo can use submarines, fishing vessels & freighters, or over-land delivery systems to attack us in an equally miserable manner. Less of our (preppers) focus should be on the nuke from space that wipes out the continental power grid… and more efforts and concentration on the ground level attack
    Sadly, this means that all of those wonderful apocalyptic novels about EMPs are setting us up for failure. Due diligence dictates that we partially go back to a cold war mentality and prepare for a fallout related event from a truck bomb or train bomb, rather than putting all our efforts into EMP mitigation. That doesn’t mean abandon all EMP prevention schemes, it just means that we need to resume our previous preparedness stature and think about the terrible effects of a ground burst. Fallout is a nasty thing indeed.

    Let the tekkies chime in with EMP arguments in 3,2,1…

  8. Re: Bedbugs

    Bedbugs are LOCAL thanks in part to airline travel and the bug’s rapid adaptability to pesticides. I now think twice about taking anything home from a thrift store or garage sale and if I do it goes into the freezer for a few days. I hesitate going to public theaters. When W*l-M*rt has mattresses covers specifically for this problem, it’s here. I know it sounds over cautious but read the following book,

    Infested : how the bed bug infiltrated our bedrooms and took over the world
    by Borel, Brooke, author.

    Sic, I bet part way into the book you’re consider putting it in the freezer.

  9. Please check your sources,on the NK story it is from a psy-ops operation that brought you Iraqi nukes,Iraqi chemical weapons,Syrian chemical weapons,etc starting with the Tonkin gulf nonincident. It was printed in a nontrusted “publication” that is known for “loose” standards.

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