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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the makers of the GrainMaker home wheat grinder.  See the Montana section of this column.)

First up:  An Idaho congressional candidate is under attack.  Why? For simply pointing out inconsistencies in the official Las Vegas Massacre narrative. See:  Idaho congressional candidate pushes Las Vegas shooting conspiracy theories. JWR’s Comments: The leftward-leaning Idaho Statesman has an unjustified vendetta against Michael Snyder.  I recommend that Idaho citizens visit Michael Snyder’s campaign web site. His campaign deserves your support.

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Next, there is this, over at Redoubt News: Zollinger Shines As Cowardly Smear Campaign Fails

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Brooks Announces for Idaho State Senate

Montana (GrainMaker Mills)

Moving on to Montana news: Glacier National Park soars to new visitation record, even with fire closures

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Our Friend Commander Zero (Editor of the great Notes From The Bunker blog) recently wrote me. He told me about a company in Stevensville, Montana. It is Bitterroot Tool & Machine Company. They make two types of very stout hand-powered grain mills. They are sold under the brand name The GrainMaker. These are configured a lot like the ubiquitous Country Living grain mill.  They have a flywheel pulley with a v-belt groove. This makes them suitable for adding an electric motor. (The company also makes and sells a mounting table and motorizing kit.) Their mills have extension handles, to make them easy to use for hand grinding. Hooray! Another product useful to prepared families made here in the Redoubt.

Eastern Oregon

Pilot Rock to vote on wild turkey regulations. The city of Pilot Rock City Council is considering  two new ordinances. They aim to tackle the town’s infestation of turkeys.

Eastern Washington

Coal company, railroads line up against Spokane measure


Finally, there is this: Wyoming wildlife officials search for grizzly shot by hunter


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  1. Our family has a home near here. So naturally when Grainmaker began production our interest in a local company and love of homemade bread drew us into purchasing their grinder. (It is built like the proverbial “TanK”) We took delivery CHRISTmas 2010, It’s bolted to the kitchen island and used constantly.
    The owners are great people and take care of the customers. The wife is the baker behind this business and her husband has a machining business that is eye-popping.
    A highly recommended product.

    1. One of my good friends works for the company and I concur with your statements…I live just down the road from them as well…They also make automatic reloading, priming, sizing machines as well…Very good friendly company that makes quality products…

  2. That’s funny. An Oregon town with a turkey infestation. Let’s see……….Where do the Libtard EnviroNazis live? I wonder?…….And what will they do about it? Move the people out? (gigglesnort)

  3. We have a Grainmaker and use it mostly for grinding coffee, corn, and grains. Over the past 40 years we have used various grinders. The Grainmaker is by far the most versatile, toughest, user friendly mill you can find. An absolute “must” piece of equipment for any kitchen. Well worth the money and outstanding people to deal with. Built as they advertise to last generations.

  4. If you are really interested in the long term, they have the complete system to actually use your grains, hull oats, roll or flake it for oatmeal, grind wheat, use the flour, raise sorghum, press the juice, boil it down and use like sugar. My parents and grand parents used sorghum sweetener during WWII and as I remember it, it grew well in Minnesota and while we did not use it for canning, it was good on oatmeal. While the units are expensive, they look like they are well made and some things, my grand mothers cast iron cookware, last at least 100 years so they are well worth the price. Now I need a good corn sheller and a simple threshing machine.

  5. Grainmaker owners, can you offer more insight into which size (#116 or #99) mill is most appropriate for family homesteads? I’ve been very interested in this brand, and as they are rather expensive(!), I really need to make the right choice in a heirloom quality mill. We’re 5, three of whom are growing kids.

    Mr. Rawles, I think a lot of folks would *really* appreciate an in-depth review of he Grainmaker mill!
    Thank you for all you do, and God bless your family!

  6. There are getting to be a lot of bears in the Absarokas. Back in the day you would be lucky to see one in an elk season. Now it’s three or more given the drainage.Be safe cause you know bears they don’t like to share.

  7. The Grainmaker!! Absolutely the best. We have one secured to the kitchen counter. When not in use it’s part of the kitchen decor. Even had it personalized.

    I use it for all my many grinding needs, including grinding my own heirloom corn into the best ever prepper gold cornmeal.

    Worth the price. An heirloom appliance. I’ve made the children promise not to sell it in a yard sale for $10 after I’m gone. 🙂

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