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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the relocation of U.S. Optics to The American Redoubt. (See the Montana section of this column.)


Jury finds Jonathan Renfro, man accused of killing police sergeant, guilty of first degree murder

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Neighbors furious after F&G officer kills ‘pet’ deer

Montana (U.S. Optics)

In addition to a plethora of gun makers, the Redoubt region now has several firearms optics makers. Perhaps best well-known is Nightforce Optics, headquartered in Orofino, Idaho.  The latest on the scene is U.S. Optics, in Kalispell, Montana.  For some details on their recent relocation, see: U.S. Optics Moves To Montana. 

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This news story received national coverage: Climber kills himself after girlfriend’s avalanche death

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Montana Governor Speaks at Carbon Capture Forum

Eastern Oregon

Hot Lake Springs restored, open for business near La Grande after seven-year overhaul (video)

Eastern Washington

Historical Note: The Apple Boom and Otis Orchards

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MLPD: Moses Lake man with warrants makes ‘poor tactical decision’ to run from ‘officer who actually enjoys running

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Spokane now has 120 aircraft parts manufacturers


Hunters find burning coal seams north of Gillette

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Traffic accident kills four bison in Grand Teton National Park


2017’s States Most Dependent on the Gun Industry.  Not surprisingly, three of the top five ranked States are in the American Redoubt.

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The Inland Northwest has its share of great restaurants, concert venues, and craft breweries.  There are new ones popping up regularly.  There are now 25 craft breweries, just in the Spokane area. While statistically most small businesses fail, here in the American Redoubt a surprising number of new businesses survive. This is in part because of low overhead costs. Moscow, Idaho’s Inlander tabloid reports on a few new ventures:  Newcomers: Some of the hottest additions to our growing culinary scene


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  1. homeless in Moscow Idaho–being distantly related to the law enforcement in Moscow, what they did to address their homeless problem is this (and you won’t hear about it on any news channels)-They clean them up, get them a haircut, clean newer clothes from Goodwill, and give them a one way ticket back to their home with a warning not to come back. This actually saves the county money in not having to use police, food banks, homeless shelters, crisis counseling, court time and manpower, prison space, and emotional upset from folks victimized by the homeless. Not a perfect solution but darned innovative!

    1. Back in the early 90’s I took a Greyhound bus from Florida to Los Angeles. There were many small towns along the way. Many had a homeless person or persons standing with a deputy or other LEO..They gave the homeless a bus ticket to L.A.and made sure they got on that bus..

  2. TFS,how Christian of you,Jesus was homeless and I am sure he would appreciate getting run out of town by the pharacies. Better watch the begining of”First Blood”(Rambo) to see how that works.

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