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  1. homeless in Moscow Idaho–being distantly related to the law enforcement in Moscow, what they did to address their homeless problem is this (and you won’t hear about it on any news channels)-They clean them up, get them a haircut, clean newer clothes from Goodwill, and give them a one way ticket back to their home with a warning not to come back. This actually saves the county money in not having to use police, food banks, homeless shelters, crisis counseling, court time and manpower, prison space, and emotional upset from folks victimized by the homeless. Not a perfect solution but darned innovative!

    1. Back in the early 90’s I took a Greyhound bus from Florida to Los Angeles. There were many small towns along the way. Many had a homeless person or persons standing with a deputy or other LEO..They gave the homeless a bus ticket to L.A.and made sure they got on that bus..

  2. TFS,how Christian of you,Jesus was homeless and I am sure he would appreciate getting run out of town by the pharacies. Better watch the begining of”First Blood”(Rambo) to see how that works.

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