Letter: The Three Greatest Threats To Our Mutual Survival

To The Readers,

Artificial intelligence (AI), nuclear war, and economic collapse; represent the greatest threats to our survival as human beings.


If we continue on our present path, computers will be able to out-think us. Every battle will be lost to an opponent that is smarter than us.

Nuclear Devastation

Alternatively, a hot-headed dictator may lose their cool, and may fire his nuclear arsenal upon humanity. This could [trigger a general exchange] leading us all to extinction.

Economic Collapse

Even economic collapse would devastating. We would struggle amongst ourselves for basic necessities.

I have heard several arguments concerning all three of these:

  • Perhaps “artificial intelligence” will be our savior, meaning all of humanity’s woes will be solved. At the expense of our free will, and subservience to the new master, AI. We will have become jellyfish.
  • A limited nuclear war would only create a partial collapse of our world. Do we dare to find out? Most likely we become ashes in this scenario.
  • Economic collapse maybe overcome. [Continuing global credit injections] will lead us to the path of continued artificial prosperity. We will reach perigee again, [but then perhaps] be sent upon the path of AI and nuclear destruction. We might suffer hardships.

The world is on now, and perhaps always has been; on a collision course with destiny. One of these three scenarios will become real; and perhaps very soon. There is no denying this.

Time to wake up.

In my personal opinion, “The Great Reset” seems to be our only logical choice for our continued survival. As to what we consider ourselves as the “greatness of humanity”. I invite all readers comments on these matters. What do you think?

Pray, and take action, – Sheepdog and Son.


  1. I have two thought concerning your concerns,
    I’m a firm believer that there is absolutely zero chance of not experiencing a total global collapse of the many competing financial systems . On this point we are in full agreement. My personal response to financial systemic failure is three fold.

    1. Stock up to a level far over our personal needs, If we do not have enough ” Beans – Bullets _ bandaids” to give some away, then we do not have enough.

    2. Stock up on usable information enabling us to restart an environment that will enable us to have a full life with opportunities to make progress as individuals and as an extended family.

    3. be fully qualified to teach and practice a free life based on Gods gift to us, the American Constitution, exactly as the founders framed it.
    Now lets rethink your concerns abut AI and the dangers therein:

    1. It looks lot me as if you have spent too much time watching the “Sarah Conners” SF series, and are overly concerned with the possibility of dealing with “SKYNET”.and

    2, you seem to have forgotten, or do not choose to consider the real life facts of AI, about the “anti-AI back-up” plan now in effect. it goes like this:

    Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”

    #1 – A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

    #2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

    #3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law

    And remember these seldom recognized facts of robotic life…

    A. a robotic entity does not need to be a mobile whatever &

    B. a robotic CPU does not think, it only searches for preprogramed parameters, and can only search , following specific instructions, for a pre determined specific response to the “found instructions.” &

    c. robots are not smart, or dumb, they are only very very fast at following specific instructions.
    Have a nice day

    1. Sir,
      Thanks for the response Old Bobbert.
      You may be right,however it seems that the AI researchers are intent on creating a sentient intelligence. Something that can think on its own.

      Here in the US the Titan supercomputer which was once the most powerful computer in the world (now surpassed by a Chinese supercomputer), is apparently designed to mimic the human neural network. IE the human brain.
      Being raised a country man, I do believe if I raised a farm animal that became smarter than me, I would have a hard time controlling it, despite whatever measures I took.
      Thanks again for your time and input.

  2. Forget about AI.
    The Muslims will take over this country without
    so much as firing a shot. With, of course,
    the help and blessings of those of the Left.
    Don’t believe me ?
    Educate yourself as to what is happening in Europe and Canada.
    Stay safe, be armed and situationally aware.




    2. Sir,
      Thank you for your response.
      It’s my belief that the rise of so called “Radical Islam” is a threat.
      My personal belief is the timeline for the institution of Sharia Law would take place on a longer timeline than the threats I mentioned in the letter.
      However countries like Germany, France and possibly Sweden face a far shorter timeline, and will be unrecognizable in the years ahead.

  3. Artificial Intelligence I would hope that the first word would be a clue, it’s artificial. After saying that I would still be concerned about it. One has taken the “I ain’t worried about that cr*p” attitude. Well, if it is continued to be developed and refined it can do a lot of damage. A computer can be hacked in this day and age. So if this science fiction gets worse than cameras, drones, and chips in vehicles (plus all the et ceteras out there) just how do you think it will be? And here’s a kicker—-who controls and programs the things? Am I worried about a “Terminator” showing up? Nope. But the things can destroy the inner workings of life as we know it, much like an EMP.
    The economic collapse could be the one at the top of the list. More of a sure thing than others.
    Can’t do anything about an EMP strike, just goin’ have to ruff it.
    I don’t think one faction taking over is going to happen. Reason: the other faction wants us much worse and have been working hard to that end. Besides I will revert to child like behavior and tell the one “so, my GOD is bigger than your god, yes he is.”

    1. Sir ,
      Thanks for the response. I agree that the far more plausible scenario for AI is that when something becomes smarter than us, we might be forced to follow it’s agenda in whatever way because it simply knows better.
      In terms of military application an intelligence capable of outhinking even the most seasoned General represents an existential threat.
      In fact it has occurred on some level, early this year.In the world video game championships an AI backed by Elon Musk defeated the top player of a complex multi-player game .
      There is a race for AI right now amongst China the USA and Russia.
      Another plausible theory is that a supercomputer will be able to build another more powerful supercomputer raising the question of what Ray Kurzweil named “the singularity”, where computers feel they know better than us.

  4. Any and all three may be a part of the future of the USA and the world! However, GOD has the first and last word on all that occurs. This nation/empire will wither or be destroyed as so many have throughout human history, and the real survival story appears in Mt. 24, Mk. 13, Lk. 21, I Cor. 15, I & II Thess., Jude, and Revelation. That’s what true preparation should aspire to, both spiritually with Jesus and practically as His salt and light to those around us. Being in the world but not of the world may mean jettisoning that which we’ve accumulated…to head to the Rev. 12 reserve place or die for our faith under the beast. Peace

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you for the response. I do believe that we should conduct our lives with daily prayer to avert disaster. It seems to me that we are now living in “Uncertain times”, and we should take action.

  5. Forge the “Three Laws of Robotics”. See the movie “I Robot” with Will Smith. There is a flaw in the logic of it that for the Three Laws to work the robots must be in control. We become the children of the appliances.

    My fears start with the lunatics in “your 10 miles square” (a little Patrick Henry lingo there). They are so obsessed with their power; they always and without fail make the wrong decisions. They are so perverted in their thinking, they do the same things over and over and over, year after year, election cycle after election cycle, decade after decade after decade after decade…. Never do they realize, or care, that their actions are the exact definition of insanity.

    Economic collapse:
    We have had 3 major and at least one minor economic upheaval starting in the early ’70s. Each one was worse than the last. Yet the fed does the same things each time only more so. So an economic collapse is inevitable, likely before the end of 2018, probably in the late summer, before the elections. They can’t give us too much time to think or react, so my guess is mid September. The propagandists in the media must have time to vilify Trump and the Republicans in order to get the Democrats elected. That is why late summer. After all the Democrats have done so well running the economy (into the ground). But, then again, so have the Republicans.

    EMP attack:
    The only country that will actually launch an EMP weapon on the continental US will be the government of the United States. How better to completely seize absolute control of the population. No electrical power leads to absolute chaos and martial law. Remember the government’s stuff is hardened, they move when we can’t. Will it be Trump, probably not. Hillery would do it in a freaking heartbeat. Would a President Pence? Maybe, I don’t trust him either.

    Nuclear War:
    Probably not, unless the 10 miles square starts it. After all, Putin put it plainly, when asked who would win a nuclear war, his answer was, “NO ONE!”.

    Now we have a relatively new phenomena called “Chemtrail Flu”. Is it real? I hope not, but I would not be surprised. Late last year we had a flu that was not the flu and colds that were not colds. A lot of people got sick and no one seems to know the cause. All who contracted it are left weakened and never quite get well. The symptoms just linger on and on.

    It just goes on, forever and ever. Do I sound cynical to you. I do to me. I really hate my government. Frankly I hate both political parties, all hail their Trotskyite communist 2 party system. Or is that just Seig Heil. The Republicans are Trotskyist communists, the Democrats are Stalinist communists, both are fascists. That makes them all, as F.A, Hayek called it, communo-fascists. On any given day, and on any given issue, the 2 parties can switch, and the Democrats will be the Trotskyists and the Republicans will be the Stalinists. But they will both always be fascists and instead of National Socialists they are both International Socialists.

    Sorry for my protracted rant. I just calls it as I sees it.

    Charles K. of Michigan

  6. Perhaps none of the scenarios will occur. However the fact is that if we continue on this path our freedoms and basic livelihood are in danger.
    Anti-Fascism in the name of Fascism. No more free speech, no more free thought, and the continued destruction of the middle class into poverty.
    The 1 percenters seem to be bent on supplying false money into AI and the industrial Military Complex, without real care for the common Man and Woman.
    The result might be the very real scenarios submitted in the letter.

  7. I guess I would have to ask what action are taking to mitigate your concerns…I’ve already took action and have offered to help anyone that wants to take action themselves…

    1. Sir with all due respect,

      You have already done more than 95 percent of us.

      In a practical nature,


      Helping to prepare yourself to endure any hardship.

      Helping your family prepare for foreseen,and unforseen hardships.

      Helping others.

      With all your knowledge and supplies, in that order.

      God bless,

      1. As a footnote Rawles’s books are excellent resource Manual’s as to what is required in terms of supplies and skills, to avert individual disaster.

  8. Interesting!

    An economic collapse is a given. It all depends on when and how bad!

    A nuclear issue is a given. Either a fool or an accident will come along!

    AI is the unknown! It may be a great blessing, but could turn into something else. It does not have to be something sinister with AI to cause great damage. Something a simple as an error, unintentional or deliberate could end the world as we know it.

    My greatest concern, as computers are getting smarter, we are getting dumber! Ask almost anyone to do simple math or write a letter! A few can, but most are helpless!

    1. Good day Ma’am,

      I agree with your comments. Most of my personal contacts lack the knowledge of basic carpentry, self sufficent farming, and processing animals after a hunt.
      Most do possess useless skills in the advent of TEOTWAWKI scenario.
      How smart have they become?
      God bless,

  9. All this is interesting to consider, but I don’t pretend to be able to predict what will happen. But when I look at how much of the nat’l economy is based on debt, & how large the entertainment industry is, it seems clear that our society cannot continue like this. Every nation that has borrowed like we are, has run into very serious problems. I can’t predict how things are going to play out, but there will be significant problems. Thus, I believe in preparing for whatever will happen. Be prepared for various disasters & be flexible.

  10. AI cannot evolve to the level where it can out think us, per se. AI is developed by flawed humans and those flaws are part of the AI Design and Development. How is the AI to know a flaw if it has not been identified as a flaw? It can’t and won’t know, and many computer scientists acknowledge this as a problem with all Hi-Tech. So, the flaws included in Design, Development and Programming will be there and will be what allows humans to survive any AI threats. Even Isaac Asimov acknowledged these flaws decades ago, so I wouldn’t worry about having Arnold and his band of Terminators roaming around causing too many problems.

    1. Thank you for the response sir, perhaps you are right, but having some of the greatest experts on the jubject such as Gates, Musk, and Hawking sounds the alarm about AI IS cause for concern.

      At the very least advancements in robotic technology and intelligence take jobs away from human beings. Most of the tech jobs supporting the new technology has been outsourced to foriegn nations.

      This represents another factor in the very possible economic collapse of our country.

      God bless,

      1. My concern isn’t that they will be “smarter”. It’s that they are much faster at resolving an issue (even if that resolution is flawed) and they do so with no ethical foundation. A machine with no morals or ethics cannot make decisions that truly value human life.

  11. Probably a pandemic and/or famine is high on the list.

    AI or related factors like drones could be effective in a new age war. Imagine a couple million cheap small drones with AI programming to direct them to seek out a human and spray a small amount of VX into their face. Unleash these in a battlefield or a large city or even a small country and you could kill millions without risking a single life of the attacking force.

  12. Autonomous combat robots are due to be unvieled by the Russians in the next year. AI can be built with self check and self improvement capabilities. Read Frank Herbert’s “Butlerian Jihad” to learn more about a machine war and it’s consequences. The entire “Dune” series is good to learn quite a few things.

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