Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 10, by Sarah Latimer

We’re continuing this section of the series on household basics, and I’m sharing my research on oil. I didn’t expect it would be a three-part section, but I did spend a lot of time researching and testing it, so you are joining me on this journey and getting the plan.

I’ve shared that we have a Piteba seed/bean/nut oil expeller press that we plan to use as our primary means for oil. I’ve ruled out GMO grains and also lard, though I might use some beef tallow but want to keep it to a minimum for health reasons. Tallow is very useful in the homestead, but we are looking for vegetable oils that we can produce.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Furthermore, whatever we were going to grow for producing vegetable oil needs to be produced in our high elevation climate and harvested without fuel-dependent machinery, as fuel might … Continue reading

Letter Re: Diabetes Management


I read your recent article on diabetes management with much interest, as I am a 64 year old diabetic myself. The problem with being insulin-dependent is access to insulin after things crash.

Walmart (of all places) sells Relion Diabetes management products, which include insulin over the counter with no prescription needed. Relion makes different insulins that are equal to the same insulins that sell for over $250 per bottle at the pharmacy.

Their insulins are very reasonable at $28.44 per 10ml vial. I went to my local Walmart in Michigan, and sure enough I was able to buy Relion Novolin R (to replace my Humulin R) with no questions asked!

The pharmacist told me I could buy up to four bottles at a time, and the expiration date of the product I purchased on 4/5/2017 is April of 2019! Relion has a full line of diabetes management products that … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

The ultimate central bank: IMF De-Cashing: Soft-Selling Financial Enslavement – b.b.

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Reader H.L. sent in this link that may help homesteaders and farmers gain a little extra income: Making Extra Income On Your Farm Or Rural Property

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5 Things to Watch in the March Jobs Report

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Nobody Is Saying Anything About How U.S. Earnings Season Will Go. With such a drastic difference between the real-world and the published economic numbers, is it any wonder?

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Odds ‘n Sods:

We’ve covered this subject fairly extensively in the pages of SurvivalBlog, but reader G.G. sent in a link to PeakProsperity for another article on the subject: Prepping With A Reluctant Partner

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More documents released showing the Obama administrations animosity and behavior towards those presumed to be “enemies” using the IRS as the weapon of choice: New Obama IRS Scandal Documents – D.S.

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I agree with the author here: Tennessee is absolutely terrifying: In your state which animal is most likely to kill you – T.Z.

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Rucksack Rob informed us of this little jewel: NOS Surplus Swedish Surgical Sets – It’s a decent price and shipping to the USA is reasonable.

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Reader T.J. keeps us updated on several boat projects. The latest from Quidnon was A Houseboat that … Continue reading