The Mythical Group Retreat: Survival Preparations are Not Like Car Detailing

The mainstream media has recently featured many articles about multi-millionaires buying opulent shelter spaces marketed by companies like The Survival Condo Project and Terra Vivos Reportedly, these swank leased shelter spaces are being gobbled up by the rich and famous. (Important Caveat: Those are just two well-publicized examples among many similar ventures, and I’m not criticizing them, per se. I have serious doubts about the efficacy of all such leased retreat space ventures, if and when things fall apart.)

Survival preparations are not like buying a service, such as car detailing or house painting. You can’t just “have it done” by someone else and expect to actually survive a major disaster to see full restoration of normal day-to-day life. You need to learn these skills for yourself. You need to construct things for yourself, tailor them to your own family’s particular needs, and then maintain them … Continue reading

Letter Re: Coin Rolls – Roll Your Own


I decided to make my own coin rolls instead of spending any coins for them. I started with paper, but it turned out like origami gone wild. So I put on my thinking hat and asked, why not aluminum foil (for the coin rolls, not the hat)? But does silver and aluminum react? Apparently, it does in a good way if you add a baking soda solution. So I rolled away and am quite pleased with the outcome. That’s $100 face value in quarters in a pint-size vacuum sealed bag. What do you think? – R.T.

Letter: Venues for Learning Morse Code

Dear Editors:
There is a good Morse Code practice group in the Pacific Northwest every morning on 3.970 mhz LSB at 8:00 PST.

The guy sends Trivia questions to the others using Morse Code. Each person who checks in gets to take a turn on a rotating list. The code is sent at the speed each person is comfortable with. Once the question is sent and received, that person repeats the question by voice to confirm they copied it correctly. But if they can’t ANSWER the trivia question, anybody can jump in and try to answer it.

This way of learning Morse Code is way more fun than the old code practice tapes. Plus, the trivia is fun and educational.

They are always looking for new “fresh meat” to start learning the Morse Code. They will slow way down for newcomers, and the entire group is very encouraging and … Continue reading

News From The American Redoubt:

American Redoubt

Anyone looking for colloidal silver should check out this small company in Montana: Ion Silver. Their product is made with a special process that puts very small (“ionic”) silver particles in suspension, and that unlike their competitors, their solutions don’t “go brown” with silver dropping out of solution.

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Idaho Governor Otter vetoes repeal of Idaho grocery tax

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Oh, but wait!: BOOM! Gov. Otter Grocery Tax Veto Comes TOO LATE!

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Rep. Matt Shea comments on the inevitable partition of Washington: $8 billion tax increase—Update From Olympia.

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Spokane beekeepers swarm to local farm for thousands of bees

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Montana plans to keep wolf hunt quotas outside Yellowstone

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You’ve gotta love … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

CONSPIRACY vs FACT: How Much Gold Is In The World??

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The war on cash: India Outlawing Cash Altogether in 75 Cities – DSV

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A walk down memory lane: This article was written in 2009, but it’s still good information today – The Great American Bubble Machine – D.F.

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Wall Street banker Cohn moving Trump toward moderate policies

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Odds ‘n Sods:

I recently ordered a couple of large plastic tool boxes that carry the Dewalt brand name. When they arrived, I was thrilled to see that they weren’t made in China but instead in Israel. They are fairly sturdy and quite reasonably priced at under $21 each. They also happen to be fairly covert for use as a “range box” for carrying handguns. With an inside length of 21”, they will even fit an AR-15 pistol with arm brace if it is broken down into two halves.

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Okay, but it’s going to cost you! – ‘Gun Free’ Zone Tennessee Business Liable for Disarming Concealed Carry Holders – D.S.

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Again, showing the futility of gun control laws, reader GJM sent in the link to this video of a homemade Gatling-Gun made from a few second hand semi-automatic rifles. Red-neck engineering … Continue reading