Notes for Friday – April 14, 2017

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Sad News: William Norman Grigg passed away at age 54. He will be sorely missed by freedom-loving Americans. Our condolences to his family.

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Today, we present another entry for Round 70 of the … Continue reading

Key Elements for Self-Sufficient Gardening – Part 2, by B. C.

Heating the Greenhouse (continued)

We’ve got a small solar system on one of our chicken tractors that can be switched over to control the thermostat on the heater and the exhaust fan if we lose electricity long-term in the greenhouse. If we need to, we can move the woodstove back in, but for now this system works well. No matter what kind of heating system you choose, having a backup plan makes you sleep easier at night. At minimum have a kerosene heater and a few cans of fuel on hand that you can move into the greenhouse for a night or two if your main heat or electricity goes out. It will save a greenhouse full of plants and a season’s worth of food.

Temporary Greenhouses and Tunnels

Instead of a permanent wooden or metal-framed greenhouse, you can use a less expensive, temporary greenhouse design made from PVC. However, … Continue reading

SurvivalBlog Resources: Hidden Storage Spaces

Introductory Note: The following is another in a series of articles by JWR that links to some of the thousands of archived SurvivalBlog articles, grouped topically.

Today we address hidden storage spaces, hidden rooms, secret compartments, wall caches, door caches, and related topics.

Delving into SurvivalBlog’s deep archives, which now have more that 27,600 articles, columns, and letters that are all freely accessible, you will find many articles on this topic. The following is just a sampling:

Letter Re: Advice on Construction a Hiding Place for Precious Metals in a Home

Letter Re: Hidden Rooms and Compartments–Conning the Burglars

Letter: Storage Without a Basement

Keeping Secrets in Suburbia–Constructing Our Hidden Basement Room, by A.

Letter Re: Hidden Entrances, and Secret Rooms

Constructing and Finding Hiding Places, By Eli in The Southwest

Letter Re: Information Security … Continue reading

Letter Re: The United Airlines Passenger Dragging Incident


I am a loyal reader, but your reference to the officers who removed this nut case off the plane as “goons” was uncalled for and unfortunate. With your military background, I would think that you would have been more inclined to view a “lawful order” as one that should be complied with and then questioned later.

This disreputable, defrocked, drugs-for-sex doctor obviously has mental problems, and he refused to comply with federal law and the officers who were merely doing their duty. Were I there in an official capacity, he would have had even more problems. – E.M.

HJL’s Comment: There are a number of things in play here, but the overarching question is not “Is it lawful?” but “Is it ethical?” The tired old excuse of “I was just following orders” has never been a valid excuse. Even if your job or your boss does … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

Gold Owners See Massive Jump in Value on Fears of WWIII

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Video interview: Peter Schiff: Yellen’s Fed Bad for America but Will be Good for My Investments

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Using Postage Stamps for Money – DSV

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Wind & Solar Technology Won’t Stop the Collapse Of The U.S. Empire

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Odds ‘n Sods:

In a recent phone conversation, one of my relatives mentioned that he’s had great success in keeping his dog on his property by using a wireless system sold under the PetSafe brand. It is called the Free To Roam Wireless Fence. Most dogs learn quickly and become comfortable with the boundaries. The collar gives a warning before it shocks, so there are no accidental shocks from the collar. He mentioned that the positioning of the base station is critical, so take plenty of time to set it up right. – JWR

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I just noticed that Brilliance Audio Books has now combined the MP3 audio books of two of my novels on one CD, at a bargain price of $10.73. – JWR

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Over at our favorite video site, Full30: STOP Buying Fake CAT Tourniquets!

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Dylan over … Continue reading