Letter Re: Coin Rolls – Roll Your Own


I decided to make my own coin rolls instead of spending any coins for them. I started with paper, but it turned out like origami gone wild. So I put on my thinking hat and asked, why not aluminum foil (for the coin rolls, not the hat)? But does silver and aluminum react? Apparently, it does in a good way if you add a baking soda solution. So I rolled away and am quite pleased with the outcome. That’s $100 face value in quarters in a pint-size vacuum sealed bag. What do you think? – R.T.


    1. @TR, I have a cheap automatic coin sorter that requires special rolls, but other than that, I usually use the free ones from the bank. If you don’t have any and you need to roll now, this is a good option. I do wonder if some banks would have an issue with home made rolls? I have also made my own bill packs just using a strip of paper and Scotch tape.

  1. Rolling my own only makes sense to me for several reasons. There are no secrets in this town, I’m not going to ask the teller for coin rolls, nor buy the ones for 99c at Dollar General as they were unraveling in the package. It was just one of those days, do this and get it done. What I didn’t know when I started was that 5 foil coin rolls fit perfectly into the vacuum sealed bag whereas only 4 of the paper ones would. As for paper bills, I’ve vacuum sealed those and they turn out as hard as a piece of Masonite@.

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