Letter Re: License Plate Readers


There are lots of comments on defeating plate readers. Before anyone gets too cranked up about defeating them, they should consider that plate readers may be what helps the cops recover their vehicle when it’s stolen.

They are a powerful tool and like any other information collection system, I suppose the information can be misused, but I’m not clear exactly how that would happen.

Our local police department had a residential burglary with a witness providing a partial plate. Cops ran the partial for similiars and got a picture of the whole plate and the driver and recovered all the loot. Put the burglar in jail. – H.L.

HJL’s Comment: This is always the trade– freedom for safety. How much of your freedom are you willing to trade for a little bit of safety? Our society is steadily marching towards the “safety” zone and giving up more of their freedoms in the process. However, then the question becomes: “Is it really safety or just slavery under the guise of safety?”.