Two Letters Re: Wertz Family Farm

Good morning,

I just thought I would be another to drop you a line and mention that you will not go wrong with Wertz Farm Market. I grew up with and actually lived with one of the sons through college. They are old school Christian Conservatives who work hard and serve the community all year round. I was truly astounded and beyond happy to see them get mentioned on your site. – AJM

o o o

Dear HJL & JWR,

You posted on 1-26-17, a short item about Wertz family farm. I looked them up and decided to place an order. I have not tried the canned meat yet, but let me tell you about the packaging. I received the box today, (1-30-2017) via two day priority mail, shipped free with order. Inside, each can is wrapped in a protective cardboard sleeve and shrink wrapped, with small foam peanuts between each can. I was amazed. From the looks of the packing, this company takes exceptional pride in their company. Thanks for the tip! – RDA