Letter Re: Sad Silent Prepper


I too am dealing with a family that does not grasp the dire situation we are in, in this country. My wife is of the opinion that it has never happened here and thus never will. My children (all grown and out of the house) think I am looney and will actually get up and leave the room if the conversation even starts to go in that direction. I am prepping as best I can and don’t care what they think. I pay all the bills at my house, so if I decide to spend money and on what I will spend it, it is totally my decision. My wife works outside the home, and she spends her money as she will. She pays none of the bills. I recently have closed on a small tract of land in Georgia and hope to establish a “hobby farm” there, one that is well supplied!!! Much ridicule and derision on my buying a farm!!?? To Sad Silent Prepper, I say, “Prep on!!” – Also within an hour of Hotlanta.