Letter Re: Baking Soda


I just finished reading your article on “all about baking soda” and found this to be very informative. Thank you for your time in researching and writing it. Now I know the technical details of this wonderful product I had been using, same as you, for many years! I also had my question answered as to why my quick bread recipes worked by replacing the valuable egg with vinegar. The seven years my husband and I were sailing with our two children around the world, eggs were very dear when our passages were 1-3 weeks at a time. One cruiser shared with me the substitution of vinegar in quick breads allowing us to use the egg for hardboiled, in quiches or just scrambled, which helped tremendously in stretching our meals during long passages or when the fishing line came up empty. Here is my “tip” on saving eggs, if one is in need or perhaps allergic to eggs: one teaspoon of vinegar in place of one egg. One tablespoon of unflavored gelatin in place of one egg works also. (This is a tip I learned about years after our return to America.) Thank you for your informative articles, and I also enjoy trying the posted recipes. I might post some of the ones I used while cruising. – K.R.