Letter Re: Call Me 4-Eyes


Last week a letter titled Call Me 4-Eyes caught my attention. I agree 100% with his suggestions. As a retired Optometrist of 40+ years experience with military and civilian practice, I am concerned for contact wearers post SHTF. The very instant sanitation and personal hygiene are compromised, you should discontinue wearing contacts! Even today, most eye care providers will tell you they see several contact lens complications per week. An eye infection or corneal ulcer can be treated with good results in today’s world. When eye care is not available, a simple infection or corneal ulcer could result in loss of sight. With many of the super bugs we now experience, it could be a life threatening event. Each contact lens wearer should have multiple pairs of glasses or consider having corrective eye surgery to restore vision. Stockpiling contacts and solutions is not the best idea. Simply washing your hands in contaminated water could cause viral, bacterial, or protozoan infections if you touch the contacts. Wearing contacts post SHTF is not the prudent thing to do. – Phoroptor