Letter Re: Airport BOB


I have traveled extensively for the last 30 years and carry these items in addition to what you listed:

  • Life straw. Clean water will be essential if you are stuck or have to walk home.
  • Israeli battle dressing. It could be essential to saving yourself or someone else.
  • Tourniquet: Can save yourself or someone else.
  • Tactical pen. Mix it in with other pens in brief case. It’s not much but better than nothing on the airplane.
  • Briefcase that converts to back pack. Brief cases are less conspicuous in the board room.

Last year, I personally saw five young Middle Eastern men rush the gate agent at LAX to board in front of first class. The lone agent was so startled that they let them on. They were in the rear of the plane. Several frequent flyers and I developed a plan to eliminate the threat. They never moved during the flight to DFW. They would not have succeeded in taking over our flight. The danger is real, and we must stay ever vigilant. – J.H.