We, The Women, by Sarah Latimer

My article was all written on a very practical household survival subject and ready to be posted, but between the letters I’ve recently received from encouraging SurvivalBlog readers (including some with very personal details) about family and the crisis in American homes without strong submissive women and Godly male leadership, the inauguration, the Women’s March in Washington, and an editorial I read today relating to the Women’s March, combined with what continuously burns in my heart, I am bursting to write on another subject. It is written with a sense of urgency because it comes from my heart as I see this as one of the critical components required for restoring our nation to greatness. The family unit is broken, and it is the basis upon which any civilization is formed.

I’m likely to not even begin to scratch the surface of the issue here, but women’s rights and particularly how they relate to the lives of the unborn, while controversial, is at its very core centered upon survival. Because of this, I want to address it and the role of women in the family with you today, in a somewhat general way. For reasons with which I mostly disagree, it seems that the general subject of abortion as well as the charities, legislation, legal proceedings, politics, and financing about saving or terminating the lives of unborn children (male and female) seems to be one centered almost solely on women, even though there are almost as many men (fathers and/or baby boys) affected as women (mothers and/or baby girls). Yet, in our country, it is primarily considered to be a woman’s right issue, and it has been a subject brought home at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

It has been an eventful week in Washington already, and I expect there will be a great deal of activity next week as well as our new president begins implementing his own version of change in our nation’s capitol. As of January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th U.S. president. In his inaugural speech, which stirred my heart strings, President Trump repeatedly spoke of giving America back to the people and shook things up with his promises to generate a new national pride, protect American jobs, and put America first. He stated, “From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this moment on, it’s going to be America first.” There have been many criticisms of this statement, but I don’t have a problem with our nation taking care of the needs of our nation before we take care of the needs of other nations. Some say that isn’t Christian, but I don’t see how it is Godly to allow one’s own home and household to fall into shambles while caring for someone else’s. This isn’t about the individual, which is selfishness, yet even an individual holds the responsibility for working to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves rather than putting that responsibility on others, unless they are unable. Out nation has great need that has been neglected; the hundreds of millions of Americans outside the work force, the problems with our educational system, the violence and crime, the healthcare crisis, and our nation’s enormous indebtedness and economic frailty are undeniable. The Bible clearly speaks about responsibilities to our own family’s needs and then to give to those in need around us. I believe this applies to nations as well. Furthermore, charity isn’t really the government’s responsibility, though it has been delegated to our inefficient government primarily because individuals, churches, and communities have failed to do it. According to the Bible, it is the duty of believers to work diligently as they are able to care for one another, to be frugal in their spending, and to care for those in need around them and those whom the LORD puts on their hearts to care for, whether they must travel to put hands and feet on the ground in caring for those in need, make donations to enable others to meet needs, or to do both. We are also to care for those who are not believers, as how are we to share the Gospel with those who are hungry unless we first feed them? It’s our responsibility and not the responsibility of our government. There were covenants made by our nation’s forefathers, but those had to do with the people submitting to God’s authority. Once again, it is about the people’s hearts and actions rather than the responsibility (through legislation and/or redistribution of monies obtained through increased debt) of the politicians in Washington, D.C.

The government is not responsible for our morality either. It does, however, reflect that of the people. So, I am encouraged that we, as a nation, have elected someone who is not a friend of abortion advocates or those who have built an industry (even becoming millionaires) from their participation in this murderous treachery against life. I am further encouraged that Trump reminded us all in his address that “we” are all America, and he boldly spoke out in the midst of a city with shameful, violent protests occurring. He is empowering the “forgotten men and women”. While the minority of wildly radical and destructive among us make loud and brazen statements through threats and harm to persons and property, we need to be bold and productive in our private actions and properly speak in public with respect for the life of persons and the property of others whenever we have the opportunity to do so in order that the voice of destruction, hate, and self-centeredness expressed across major cities this week is not the only voice heard. However, actions speak louder than words, and it takes a strong person to maintain calm and composure to seek a peaceful resolution to disagreement and conflict than to exhibit untamed assault.

As SurvivalBlog women, I encourage you to do more than pack away some Mountain House canned food for an emergency and even more than participate in some pistol practice shooting in the event you are depended upon to protect your loved ones from marauders. Think about how far you will go to defend the lives of your family. Are you a “momma bear”? Now, do you protect your husband’s respect and character in the community, your home, and your modest honor as a committed wife with this fervor? Are you in the home and guarding and guiding your children’s eyes, ears, and hearts from the lies or misunderstandings our culture perpetrates upon them through Hollywood, the editorial “news”, and even the cartoons and children’s shows? Are you caring for and nurturing your womb?

In a time when there are truly hateful cultures propagating huge families with the intent to take over the world through either jihad or propagation and population infiltration, we need to be about raising and instructing more Godly children through participating families. We need sizable families with commitments to train the next generation in the Word of God, history, the Constitution, and with sound homesteading and superior academic training. This requires a woman of both heart, valor, and tenacity. It is not for the weak, self-indulgent, party girl and certainly does not align with the hateful, destructive ideology of mainstream feminism.

The role of wife and mother is one that is critical for survival of a healthy civilization. I fear that our civilization is deteriorating because those roles are defamed and have become disdain on the tongues of many women. This has never been more evident than in this week’s Women’s March, held just today– the day after the inauguration.

This week in Washington, at the Women’s March, some women have been parading and speaking out about their rights in a bullish tone. For the most part, the media is liberal and promotes family disharmony and individualism. Only united does anything of substance stand, and this is never more true than of the complementary family unit of a father, mother, and children. Sometimes, I even get upset, especially related to women’s rights and feminism, as I think of all the young minds being twisted by the false indoctrination presented in our media. However, I was very pleasantly surprised at reading an opinion column by Christine M. Flowers of the Philadelphia Daily News, which I will share in significant portion below, because it delighted me that there was a nationally published editor with some bit of sense (and humor) on the issue of pro-life, even though she considers Trump “an enemy”:

Call it the “People With Uteruses Who Hate Donald Trump March.” Or the “Birth Control, Not Self Control March.” Or the “LGBTQt-Want-To-Buy-A-Vowel-Vanna March.” Or, as my good friend Tania Gail suggested, the “#MeanGirlMarch2017.”

Whatever you call it, though, don’t call it the “Women’s March on Washington.” Technically, that is correct. Women are involved, and they are marching, or walking, or striding, or jumping or doing whatever it is they need to do to make themselves seen and heard the day after the inauguration of the Dark Prince of Death. In D.C.”

But calling it the ‘Women’s March’ gives it a bit too much credit for inclusivity because not all of us who self-identify as women are welcome at the march.

I know of at least one group that was specifically disinvited from the affair, a group whose name would indicate a strong sisterhood with the galloping gals.

The group is called the New Wave Feminists. That’s pretty …., fist in the air, we-love-Gloria cool. But alas, there is a fly in the ointment. The “New Wave” women happen to be pro-life or, if you prefer, anti-the-choice-to-abort-your-child. When the organizers of the march found out that they had invited poisonous vipers into their collective bosom, they told the New Wavers that there was no place for them in D.C.

Normally, things like this don’t bother me. I am quite used to women who call themselves feminists acting in a most unsisterly way when they find out that I oppose abortion. In this, I am not alone. Many pro-life female friends have had the same experience when their dirty little secret is discovered: banishment from the Oprah Book Club, blocking on Facebook, ridicule at the water cooler and sympathetic hazing from the men who support abortion rights because, let’s be honest, it saves them 18 years’ worth of child support.

I didn’t really expect that women who vocally oppose abortion would be welcome at a march that embrace groups like #VoteProChoice, Free the Nipple, the Human Right to Family Planning Initiative, Students for Choice, Lady Parts Justice, The Center for Reproductive Rights, Catholics for Choice, NARAL Pro Choice America Foundation, the Coalition of Nasty Women, the Federation for Abortion Rights, the National Organization for Women, and, of course, Planned Parenthood.

The groups that have partnered together to present their grievances in D.C. all claim to support the integrity and dignity of the sisterhood. The reason that so many pro-choice/abortion-friendly groups are included in the list of attendees is because it is now mandatory that evolved women spout the usual ‘my body, my choice’ rhetoric that hasn’t changed in 50 years, even though medical technology has advanced to the stage that we now know it’s ‘my body, and her tiny body and his tiny body, but still my choice, ….”

I have a problem with that, but I’m used to the indoctrination feminists demand of the truest of true believers. For want of a better term, women who want to be fully accepted into the feminist fold are like ‘Wontanchurian candidates,” brainwashed into believing that the only way to find dignity and independence is the unassailable right to abort. Well, that and pay parity.”

Referring to this editor as Ms. Flowers because I do not know her marital status, she hit the figurative nail on the head with her description of this march and feminism in general. It is mean and selfish.

Women’s rights is often seen as a necessary response to abusive, harsh men who trample upon soft, weak women, but that is not the predominant case. There was a minority of people in Washington, D.C. during the inauguration burning limousines, throwing rocks at businesses, and basically being degenerates because they didn’t get their way and feel that somehow successful businesses and business people are to blame for their hardships and felt this was the best way to be “heard” and make a difference In the same way, there have been some abusive men and there have also been loud women burning bras, parading their children through the streets or aborting them, refusing marriage, speaking hate toward men, and generally confusing their roles in an attempt to find value, security, and a sense of power and purpose. In these past decades, the few were tolerated in their loud, initially shocking actions while the majority sat silent and absorbed it and absorbed it some more, until this thinking of women being the same as men and autonomous to every other living being on the planet, even when they are pregnant and married, has become accepted as “normal”.

It has been grossly misguided and the minority has now brainwashed the majority as it has crept into our culture gradually and been accepted without our even realizing it. Even this group that Ms. Flowers defends, the New Wave Feminists, identify themselves as feminists, though they are considerably different than most other organizations at this Women’s Conference. They are different than the National Organization of Women, to which I have multiple times written that they do not represent me and must recognize that they do not speak for all women everywhere. It is my opinion that the New Wave Feminists are still not quite hitting the mark, but it is a relief that there are those who have moved the mark radically and are waking up that the mainstream feminists are off-the-chart wrong. This is the kind of change that gives me hope in America again. It is a message of unity, peace, strength, kindness, gentleness, and a strong family, which will build strong communities that can come together to build a much stronger nation.

So, SurvivalBlog women, I implore you to consider your great value as a wife and mother. We can participate in the change to build a stronger America by building stronger homes and families. While feminists would mistakenly tell you that I’m saying you should merely be a housekeeper, a cook, and a breeder, they would be grossly mistaken! You can be the one to whom your husband longs to return at the end of his work. You can be the comforting arms for your children when they are hurt and the example of poise and strength they see most throughout the day. You can be the one who exhibits grace and opens their eyes to beauty, imagination, and mysteries as you educate and teach them day by day. You can be the gentle touch who heals wounded hearts and builds them up strong and full of hope to carry on when those around are shouting words of destruction, selfishness, and hate. You can model the biblical submission and humility that all believers must have toward God through your submission to your husband and God. There is a heart that should be in the home, behind every warrior and developed within every child. That heart is a powerful, valuable, and precious one. That heart is you, dear sister!