Letter Re: SIG MCX Recall

Hello Sir,

I noticed a credit card charge from SIG. It turns out a conversion kit (AKA a barrel) finally became available for my MCX. I’ve been “in line” for several months now. Just to be safe, in this era of scams and CC fraud, I called in to verify that this was a legitimate charge. It was. While on their website looking for their contact number, however, I noticed that there was a recall: MCX Mandatory Carriage Assembly Replacement Program.

I started filling out the form, but then my paranoia got the better of me. I made further inquiry about the nature of the issue. Apparently, if certain hand-loaded 300blk rounds are manually chambered, and then the bolt is dropped on them, under “extremely rare” circumstances, it is possible for that round to discharge, if they have a “weak” primer.

Should MCX owners register for this replacement? Supposedly, it may also restrict aftermarket trigger use, which is ironic given that some folks view the trigger as the greatest (or only) shortcoming of this weapon. My bigger concern is that this warranty and similar recall matters are being used to compile a “backdoor” gun registry. In this particular case, I suppose it doesn’t matter, given that I have already purchased an add-on barrel via CC. This gun is completely on the up and up. Nonetheless, there’s something that rubs me the wrong way about mandatory web registrations in order to receive a fairly invasive/substantial replacement, the merits of which seem almost questionable, especially given that the “not reported in the field and extremely difficult to replication” situation only applies to models chambered in Blackout. Yet it’s being pushed as a mandatory replacement to all owners. I wholly recognize that this may seem a bit tinfoil. I’m most likely going to proceed with this recall, in the interest of safety. Nonetheless I thought I would contact you with this information and seek any thoughts or advice that you or others may have. – P.R.