JWR’s Recommendations of the Week:


Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. (Later made into a feature film of the same name, now available on DVD.)

Fool’s Talk by Os Guiness

Young Men and FireYoung Men and Fire by Norman MacLean


Sully. Tom Hanks plays pilot Chesley Sullenberger, who made an emergency water landing on the Hudson River, saving all of his 155 passengers.

Lone Survivor. (Mark Wahlberg plays Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.)


12 Monkeys A time traveler from 2043 attempts to prevent a global pandemic that killed seven billion people, by traveling back to our present day. Originally aired on the SyFy channel. Season 1 is now available on Hulu.com. Both Season 1 (available now) and Season 2 (pre-order for shipment in January) on are on DVD from Amazon.com.

Note: This series is a much more detailed storyline than in the feature film of the same name that starred Bruce Willis.

Dark Matter. This sci-fi series is not quite Firefly but something close.


Jean Michel Jarre: Recollection

Afro-Celt Sound System: Capture 1995-2010

Instructional Videos:

John Heisz: My Top Ten Workshop Projects

Money Making Welding Projects – 3 Point Carryalls (Three Parts)


Molly Green



Notes From The Bunker


Lost Skills Podcast

The Self-Sufficient Gardener


U.S. Military Surplus Heavy Duty 25mm Ammo Boxes. These bargain-priced boxes (two for $40, postage paid!) are sold by a long-time sponsor of our non-fiction writing contest– CJL Enterprise.

Fox Outdoor Products Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest, Olive Drab


SCOTTeVEST Enforcer Jacket – 30 Pockets (CCW Tactical)

Comfort Fit Men’s Microfiber Fleece Lined Thermal Top & Bottom Underwear Set