Letter Re: TEOTWAWKI Preps and Christianity

Dear Mr. Latimer,
After reading the article, I need to add a few points. It is well that we prepare spiritually as well as temporally for whatever calamity comes our way. Proverbs 27:12 comes to mind. One thing that must be foremost in our minds when we network with others in a church-going scenario is to look and listen before speaking. I live here in Idaho not too far from the WA state line. I am a recent arrival from the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. What I saw there, I am seeing here. Make sure your Pastor, Priest, Minister, or Rabbi is NOT part of or affiliated with the FEMA Clergy Response Team. This can be done with a little sub-rosa inquiry and a few planned, well-placed and innocuous inquiries of the church members, church elders, the head honcho himself, or by reading their weekly bulletins at the service or on their website. Next, feel out how the head honcho feels about Romans 13. Is total slavish obedience to the Leviathan at all levels preached from the pulpit? If so, run the other way. Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a nationally recognized authority on Romans 13, has a small book and DVD for sale that is easy for a Bible-reading layperson to understand. He writes a regular column on the NEWSWITHVIEWS website. A government lick spittle is still a slave, whether they are quoting the Good Book or not. Finally, thoroughly vett ANYONE, church member or not, before you take them into your confidence. When I taught at a Christian school some years ago, I became acquainted with several “born-again” folks who I would not want anywhere near me or mine when the balloon goes up. Just because someone tells you he/she has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her savior and is a regular, tithing church-goer does not make them part of your tribe. The forces of darkness are not above infiltrating congregations of believers to count heads, write down license plates in the parking lot, or seek out chatty preppers at evening Bible studies, or after-service coffee fellowships. I have seen it happen. Jesus Christ said whenever two or more are gathered in My name, there I am. My tribe and I heed those words and trust in Him in a secure, closed environment while we pray and prepare. God Bless you all, and may God save our Republic. “DWEEZIL THE WEASEL” – An anonymous Anti-Federalist.