Seven Warnings to the Progressive Feminist, by J.E.

Considering we are at the precipice of the possibility for the first female, militant feminist to take control of the greatest country in the world, I thought this article appropriately timed.

Feminists, who may read this, you need to consider some serious questions. Are you honestly prepared to endure the reality of the feminist ideology lived out to its fullest? What would this even look like? If this is a concept you haven’t pondered fully, would you consider listening to a well researched argument against the suicidal movement of militant feminism? Moreover, are you willing to listen without judgment rather than blowing off warnings from those who genuinely care?

In this article I will spell out the worst case scenario of progressive feminism lived out to its fullest in seven corresponding warnings.

Over the last several years I have worked hard to expose the lies and deception of the second, third, and now fourth wave feminists who hold men and women captive in this country with their lies. It has taken a lot of restraint to remain polite. I’ve been patient. I’ve kept my cool and taken the intellectual route. I’ve spent the last four years working diligently on a Master’s degree from a highly respected and accredited university program in what could be referred to as a Natural Law Degree. If there were a corresponding bar examination for such a degree, I am confident I would pass because of the quality of the curriculum, professors, and fellow students. I studied under some of the most brilliant professors in the world, who are experts in law, philosophy, ethics, history, theology, science, and culture. They teach the most fundamental truths of our humanity, our history, and our reality. It has been a highlight in my intellectual journey and one that would go to waste if I did not share this information with others. I am making good use of my high level education and sharing what I’ve learned.

As part of my education, I focused on reading some of the most unpalatable material from feminists, philosophers, historians, and scientists who deny objective truth, universal morals, and our ultimate reality. These warped minds, pushing their sick agendas, are a threat to the one good thing humanity has forever trusted in– truth. There is only one truth! Relativism commits suicide when it is held to its own standard, and sooner or later all people will come face to face with their own inventions of truth. Life happens. Death is a reality. Truth is eternal!

So, without further adieu, here are the Seven Warnings to Progressive Feminists pushing for their ultimate feminist utopia:

1. More children will die.

Children will continue to be murdered. Over 50 million abortions are proof of what the progressive feminist considers her greatest accomplishment (aside from demoralizing men and stay-at-home moms). The unborn have been murdered, some without a second thought and some resulting in a lifetime of guilt and pain to show for such a desperate act. I hurt for the women who chose to abort (encouraged by other women, doctors, or the even the father). Some still do not know that they can be free from the guilt and shame. There is a way out of the endless hatred you have for yourself. It is rooted in one Man, and you have to seek Him first.

2. Manhood will further disintegrate.

Manhood is starting to become a non-existent aspect of our culture. Men are becoming weak, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. They have given over to the dark side, knowing full well what they are sacrificing. The will give up everything to appease the gender neutral, power hungry maniacs who want their soul. Beware; these are the most dangerous kind of men, the ones who lack any ability to protect women and children. They’re the ones who are weak in the knees and the mind. They have…No Courage…No Conviction…No Honor…No Glory!

3. War will proliferate.

Don’t kid yourself; women can be vicious. It is a fallacy that a woman in charge will be a woman for peace. Women can be vengeful, and yes, women can wage war with the same intensity as men. This is not just about women serving in combat units or combat roles. This is about angry, bitter, and sadistic women taking control of the defense of humanity. Women are not designed to defend mankind, and they are certainly not designed to fight wars. Women, if given enough power, could become the fiercest of killers, using the newest hands-off forms of weaponry (bio-weapons, tech-weapons, psych warfare, drones). A spiteful woman in power could wreak havoc on humanity. Women will take their victims by night and dress to kill in the morning. Dead to conscience, their battlefields will be covered in their evil, treacherous deeds.

4. Bodies will continue to be mutilated.

We could see forced vaccinations, forced neutering, and forced DNA manipulation, all without consideration for the Nuremburg Code, informed consent, or medical ethics. A woman of excessive power, determined to pursue the race for a perfect specimen, will cut any corner of ethics, morals, or common decency to get her way. Science is a religion and a god. It is worshiped with more fervor and loyalty than many religions of this world. Dare to question science. There is no limit, in the mind of the mad scientist, to the pursuit of science over the wisdom of natural law, morality, and objective truth.

5. Sex will be a virtual reality.

There will be no more falling in love. Pleasure is what we seek, and pleasure is what we will die for. It will all be so decadent, so real!

6. Families will continue to separate.

Mothers will no longer have time to nurture and comfort their children. They will be too busy saving the world. Look out Wonder-woman, this is a whole new ball game. As they say, “The world is yours.” Put your mind to anything long enough, and it will become you. Then again, we become what we hate, don’t we? Tearing the family apart is an agenda of the most devious kind. Shame on those who have participated in taking children unlawfully from their parents, demonizing fathers in the court system, and encouraged marriages towards divorce. Shame on the psychologists and psychiatrists who propagate such destruction.

7. God will continue to be mocked.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Gal 6:7)

Do you suppose it is wise to mock your Maker? As the common saying goes, “Don’t tempt fate.” Why take such an uncalculated, unwise risk with your soul? Instead, consider this, objective truth is real, natural law is good, and they are right and ultimately designed to make us prosper.

Why do I care so much to make another desperate effort to connect with feminists? I’ve been told to just “let dead dogs lie” and “stop stirring up dirt.” I’ve been laughed at, humiliated and scoffed for confronting feminism, and I know this reaction is only a taste of the depths of hatred headed my way, if I continue. No, I’m not looking forward to it as the feminist fights dirty.

On a personal note, the reason why I keep at this is because I have a sister, a mother, aunts, and friends who are distant, and frankly we haven’t seen eye-to-eye for years. As the Recovering Feminist, they have written me off. They keep me at arm’s length, and I miss them. I want them to know I care and I love them enough to continue to try to reach out in truth and love. I want to speak directly to their hearts, hearts that have grown cold and distant, hearts that have shut me out. I want to laugh with them again, to share stories about our children, and to talk about our daily lives. I want to be close again.

Ultimately, I want to practice medicine on the feminist’s cold heart and “First do no harm”. The destructive effects of feminism have caused a rift in my personal relationships, and I wonder how many reading this today can relate (male and female). I yearn for these relationships to be healed and for peace to return.

Please heed my words. Take them to heart, and forgive me for speaking too harsh or direct, hitting all the wrong nerves. Know that I mean no harm. Progressive, militant feminism will drag you down into the pits. If you don’t step back and re-assess your heart’s desire, you will never begin to remedy the pain and injury of following such a worldview. This worldview is hazardous to your health, hazardous to your heart, and hazardous to your soul.

I come in peace to feminists but that peace comes through the strength of truth. As a recovering feminist, I am more at peace with the condition of my soul today. I have no fear, only sorrow and repentance now. I do not fear the past or the dreadfully stupid choices of my past. I do not fear the future. I look upwards in hope, waiting (sometimes impatiently) for the coming day of justice, when all wrongs will be made right, all tears wiped away, and all broken vessels will be made perfectly whole again. Would you like to join me in this hope?

Finally, do you know that the love and attention you seek has already been offered to you? It has been and always will be a totally free offer. It is still true and will remain true that “…the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. ” (James 3:17). God is merciful and He is perfectly just. That should be our greatest source of comfort, unless we choose to deny His law, reject His truth, and mock His Son. “Woe” is not a friendly word in Scripture, and one should take note when it is used. “The crown is fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we have sinned!” (Lam 5:16).