Letter Re: Fingerprinted To Sell Gold Coin

Dear JWR and HJL,

It appears I have missed something along the way. I recently went in to a local pawn shop that a year ago was a coin and jewelry shop. My husband and I have purchased from the coin and jewelry shop a number of times and I had sold a gold necklace once. You surrender gold and get cash; it was that easy. The same owner turned it into a pawn shop. This time I went in to sell a single gold coin, and the owner took my drivers license information and my thumb print. I was caught off guard by this, and since I had some face-to-face history with the owner through purchasing, I handed it over with little hesitation. I only commented softly, “Really, a thumb print?” The owner replied, “Yes, I have to, but they have only asked for the information once with regard to a home robbery.” I smiled as I walked out the door, but it slowly began to occur to me what had happened. Days went by and I felt worse and worse about the I.D. and thumb print. I said to myself that it was only one small gold commemorative coin from 1986; it doesn’t mean anything. I live in Washington state. It appears that the all-watching eye has found a way to document every move we make. What good is it to have gold if you can’t trade it in? I was looking for a little cash for a more important purchase. Much thanks for all that you do. God help us – M.