Letter Re: Just In Case: Preparing for the Evening and Day After Election 2016


Excellent article regarding ammo and magazine purchase strategies for a worst case scenario outcome of the election. I would urge readers to go ahead and resupply ammo stocks now while the prices are still low and supplies are still relatively plentiful. After reading the article, I immediately checked my inventory and discovered I had dropped below my comfortable minimum for the calibers I shoot. Here is what I found while researching common calibers:

Pistol Calibers 9mm, .40, and 45 ACP were readily available through the major online retailers; however, bulk range ammo was available but not in the quantities I normally see at local retailers. A local reloader who I use said business was normal and they have not seen the run on ammo they were expecting…yet.

Rifle calibers for hunting are in stock everywhere that I checked. The cartridges are typically your higher end for calibers such as 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, .270 WIN, 30.06. Note that stores are stocking what they typically sell during hunting season. Try buying 300 rounds of 7mm Rem Mag locally and you will be out of luck. The more popular hunting cartridges are available online but are becoming limited.

Common Rifle Calibers for Hunting and Defensive use: .223/5.56×45, .308/762×51, 7.62×39 I found were readily available online and in bulk. Prices were in the normal range. Locally the calibers listed above are available but not in the quantities normally seen. .308 was in stock at normal levels for hunting and range cartridges. I could not find 7.62×51 locally. The local reloader had no .223 and only match grade 5.56×45. The reloader also had no .308 but would reload .308 if the customer supplied brass.

There are no shortages of primers, brass, and bullets that I have seen.

There is tension in the world and things could change quickly. Now is the time to stock up while supplies last. – Florida Dave