Letter Re: Ammunition Buying OPSEC

Mr. Rawles,

In response to Cliff’s e-mail regarding ammunition OPSEC, I just wanted to write in and express my firm belief that the worst thing one can do, unfortunately, is to conduct e-commerce for bulk ammo via any Internet sites. I have nothing against any of the online vendors, but their records are kept and not immune from subpoenas or government seizures. I have had particular luck with bulk ammo sales on Sunday afternoons at gun shows. The fact of the matter is that no vendor wants to carry that weight of unsold inventory back to their trailer after the show ends. Now, if you think you are walking out with 5000 rounds of 5.56 for 15 cents a round, you’re dreaming. These vendors still need to make a living, but numerous times bulk ammo can be dickered down to at or near online vendor prices if you’re willing to pay cash. (Pay attention to this aspect. Cash is king at these shows. No one wants your debit or credit card, and it’s counterproductive for you.) In short, if you are behind where you should be and looking to attend a show this weekend, next weekend, or the weekend after, go on Sunday afternoons and hit the ATM before you walk in. Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Have reasonable expectations, and understand the value of legal, anonymous, cash transactions while they remain just that– legal. God Bless and save us all. – Jason in Kansas