Three Letters Re: Push or Pull Carts For All-Terrain Hauling

In discussing all-terrain hauling and bug-out travel I’ve not seen comments regarding flattened tires. We may have a tire repair kit and air pump handy, but there is a better way to ensure that our ATV, cart or bicycle is not plagued with tire failure. Replace those air-filled tires with closed-cell polyurethane foam tires. Leave the spares, the tire repair kit and the tire pump at home. – Redmist


Hey Jim,
Thought I would send you a couple of links to carts that many country people find to be useful: Vermont Garden Carts I have used this cart (the large one) at a relative’s house and find it useful. But I think that the cart I am going to get is the Smart Cart which I believe will be more useful to me. – S.C.


Hi Jim,
The letters on the Carts are good. Who in U.S. history had lots of use with hand carts? Might look at L.D.S. church history, This might be looked at because it could happen to ALL of us in one way or another soon. Well, give a think, I will be looking back with all that has been talked about carts. It just might pay off. Best wishes, – Paul in Seattle