Letter Re: The Importance of Storing Salt for Preparedness

I noticed folks talking a bit about salt lately…what I didn’t notice is whether or not anyone has talked about mineral needs? If folks are going to buy a bunch of salt, they might want to remember that iodized salt would be a good idea. Iodine is one of those necessary minerals, that has become deficient in our soils across the nation. Normally, we could get it through the plants we eat. However, if it’s deficient in the soil were you live, you won’t get enough. Yes, you can also get it from seafood. However, if your retreat is inland, you don’t really have that option. A University of Michigan web page discusses some issues related to iodine deficiency. But there are other mineral needs, aside from iodine, that people should research as well. Folks need to be aware of what their bodies need, what is deficient in their area, and what they might need to supplement. On the flip side, folks should also be aware that some minerals can become toxic in ones body if you overdo it.

Here’s a couple of links for anyone who might be interested in mineral deficiency. Of course, there’s a ton of more information out there…but this might get anyone interested, off and running:
From Health Line
From “Wrong Diagnosis”

God bless! – T. in North Idaho