Letter Re: A Special Cast Iron Cookware and Soap Combo Pack Offer

for SurvivalBlog Readers

As I read the blog, I note that little is being said regarding cooking and hygiene. Both are essential for survival I would to make a special offer to SurvivalBlog readers:. Our huge PLP-1 package of soap products and our LCC3 cast iron Combo Cooker, all for $200 plus shipping. The shipping cost is an extra $100, since the combined weight is 97 pounds.

Cast iron cookware is heavy, but it cleans with ONLY water, which makes it ideal for an emergency. Soap last a long time, so stock up. It will be good for barter and personal hygiene.

The SurvivalBlog Combo Pack includes:
LCC3… Combo Cooker, 2 pieces 3 qt., 10 1?4″ diameter, 3″ depth, 12 lbs. This item is a skillet, a fryer, a Dutch Oven, and the lid converts to a griddle!

PLP-1 Soap Product Package
This is estimated to last an average family (2 adults, 2 children) 12 to 24 months depending on quality of water and when used as directed. $199 (Save $45.50)
2 – 25 lb. Boxes (800 ounces) Seafoam Laundry Soap
1 – Gallon 9 lb. (128 ounces) Shampoo Concentrate
84 – Bars Complexion Beauty Pure Soap
1 – Gallon Seafoam Dish Glow Concentrate
1 – Lock-Top Squeeze Bottle Dish Glow Dispenser
1 – Lock-Top Squeeze Bottle Shampoo Dispenser
1 – 1-oz. Laundry Soap Scoop
(Complete Instructions included. Package Weight 85 lbs.)

This special pricing ends on August 15th. To place your order, send a $300 Postal Money Order with the notation “SurvivalBlog Combo Pack” to:
Promised Land Products
382 Adams Lane
Dillon, Montana 59725
Phone: (406) 834-3611