David in Israel Re: On Gun Laws in Israel and War Worries Update

In answer to your queries about gun laws in Israel: The gun control laws in Israel are draconian. You must have a “valid reason” to keep a gun at home. Sadly in the West Bank our cousins (the Arabs) give that reason. All of Israel law is a combination of Ottoman Empire, British occupation, and Israeli passed laws, also the radical leftist Supreme Court which has empowered itself to strike down laws it does not agree with and to generate law by judicial declaration. We do not have a constitution for the state of Israel.
These rules may change as the firearms regulation is moving to the police ministry from the ministry of interior. By law they are already empowered but interior still has the funding so police will not take over.
Competitive shooters must now lock up weapons at the club vault.
You used to be able to own two long guns for hunting but insurance is unavailable so no new long gun permits. However, current holders can still keep these guns.
Here are basics on handguns: Three years of citizenship, doctor’s letter, one day of class, and shooting exam required, you must have what is deemed a “valid reason” to get this permit. Valid reasons for handgun permit include: three years with police reserve unit, military officer over captain, or residence in “higher risk” area like the West Bank.
The police will ask publicly that licensed owners carry when there is increased levels of terrorism. I am guessing 40%-to-60% of men in the West Bank carry a handgun as do many women. In settlements you may be able to join the anti-terrorist squad and be issued an army M16. Combat soldiers must carry a firearm and magazine while on leave.

Looks like tings are getting hot again the last two days, missile strikes all along the north and near Gaza hits in the major city of Haifa, Two dead in Tsfat from missile strikes. Our friends from Tsfat are coming to visit with us for Shabbat. We are stocking up a little as if this goes hot it will disrupt regular commerce.
Iran is clearly being both the Gaza and the Lebanon/Syria troublemaker–likely a ploy to take the heat off of their nuke program. Iranian representatives were in Damascus to confirm the treaty which considers a strike on Syria an act of war against Iran. Syria has occupied Lebanon for over 20 years and while they pulled out military units last winter, they still manipulate the government of Lebanon.