The Danger of the Armchair Commando Mindset

I’ve stated much of the following before, but it bears repeating: Don’t make the mistake of slipping into the “Armchair Commando” mindset. It is what my friend Keith in North Idaho calls the”Tommy Tactical” mindset. You know the type: your overweight friend with the big gun collection, but hardly any stored food. He is the same guy that will spend hours debating the finer points of exterior ballistics or starlight scopes, but that hasn’t even taken the time to zero all of his guns. He is too busy collecting guns, talking Schumer, and reading Soldier of Fantasy magazine. Armchair Commandos become obsessed with guns, ammo, and accoutrements at the expense of other equally important preparations. Granted, the gun battery is the preparation that insures the security of all of your other preps. But unless you have a well-balanced and properly executed logistics plan then you could end up over-armed and under-fed. In my estimation that is prescription for post-TEOTWAWKI predatory behavior.

You owe it to yourself and your family to be be properly prepared. Think: balance. When the Schumer hits the fan, you’ll need to be well prepared across the board so that you can be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. That means having lots of storage food on hand, so that you can both feed your own family and dispense copious Christian charity. It also means doing the boring or mundane things: Taking the Red Cross First Aid and CPR classes. Visiting your grandma to learn how to do water bath canning. Putting in a big garden every summer. Joining the local ham radio club and learning Morse code. Learning how to shear a sheep. Learning how to butcher a deer. Getting in good physical condition. Learning how to cook with you storage food. And on and on…

Become a real prepper isn’t about talking. It is about learning, sharing and doing.