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Holocaust jacket found at tag sale leads to a life story

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John Jacob of Radio Free Redoubt tells us that Northwest Radio Supply is having a Black Friday sale (Friday only) on several items like Anderson Powerpole Connectors, Wise brand foods and more. If you live in the area of Moscow, Idaho, you may want to visit them.

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Zuckerberg does an about face on “Fake News” and implements a 7 point plan on Facebook. Progressive censorship at its best (or worst).

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SurvivalBlog reader H.K. writes in to warn people that even though Obama has publicly given up on his Supreme Court nomination, there is still the possibility that Obama could make a recess appointment. It would be wise to contact your Congress member and encourage them not to break early this year.

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Reader K.C. tells us that Mother Earth News has an article on Outdoor Root Cellars – DIY.

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JRH Enterprises is running Black Friday sales on new PVS14 night vision monoculars with a 10 year warranty and DKX M3 NIJ Certified Level 3 lightweight ballistic rifle plates. In addition, most FLIR Thermal imagers are on sale and FLIR is offering rebates of up to $750. FLIR rebates end Monday November 28th so move quickly!

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