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One of our regular content contributors (one of my consulting clients) sent this at least partial confirmation that Trump’s CIA Director designee is one of the Good Guys. I’m praying that DJT appoints a LOT of Good Guys– godly, freedom loving, Constitutionalists who all have their eyes on the big picture. Pray hard! – JWR

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Internet censorship has arrived! A professor has made a list of websites she says publish ‘fake’ or ‘misleading’ news. (And this list is already being used to de-monetize sites and push their rankings down in search engines.)

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There has recently been a lot of conjecture in the press about why the U.S. Navy has been flying racetrack patterns over Denver, Colorado in an E-6 Mercury TACAMO aircraft. I really doubt that it is anything nefarious. I suspect that they are doing long-range communications tests, contacting vessels in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Doing so high over the Rockies is a logical choice. The E6 Mercury (in part developed by one of my former employers, who served as the Program Manager) has a variety of missions. One of the contingency missions is for long-haul communications and data relay (all the way from VLF up to SHF) in the event that a war disrupts satellite communications. – JWR

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European Union Orders British Press NOT to Report when Terrorists are Muslims – D.S.

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IRS Exposed 28 Million Taxpayers To Identity Theft By Sending Unencrypted Email – PLC

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