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Here is an oddity: Dr. David Powers, a USMC veteran, has compiled and published a collection of nonfiction extracts from my first novel, Patriots. He never asked for my input, so he misconstrued a couple of items. But overall, it seems to be the product of a man with an exacting mind. – JWR

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Here is another video with some ideas that are applicable to Bug Out vehicles: Vanlife with no filter: couple records work/life on wheels

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An interesting interview with an American serving alongside the Kurds: Interview With an American Peshmerga – W.C.

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Several readers have written in to remind us that the election isn’t actually over yet. The Electoral Votes still have to be cast, on December 19th. History shows that Electoral Vote defections, while rare, do happen. However, never in the history of the United States has there been a mass defection resulting in a different president. – HJL

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