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Shooting enthusiasts might find this place in Kentucky of interest: Small lots in a “2nd Amendment” community alongside a complete shooting complex. This is just one of more than 250 current property listings at SurvivalRealty.com (which is owned and operated by my #1 Son). – JWR

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I’ve noticed the new InfoGalactic alternative to Wikipedia is flourishing, and that its articles have begun to diverge from Wikipedia’s blatant bias. My congratulations to the InfoGalactic editors. I encourage all of my readers to get involved and to at least replace their browser Wikipedia bookmarks with InfoGalactic bookmarks. If you have the time, then please become editors. The stated purpose: “Infogalactic is designed around the idea that the user should be permitted to decide what information is relevant to him, not 500 ideologically-driven thought police.” Kudos! – JWR

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MARSOC Chooses Glock 19s over .45s for Raiders – T.P.

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Julian Assange: Americans ‘Better Informed’ Because of WikiLeaks – H.L.

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I missed this one back in October: How The FBI May Soon Use Internet Meltdowns Like Friday’s As An Excuse To Hack Your Devices – H.L.

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